The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 10 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Artist brought in statue damaged in flood SATURATE
Chapter on exploitation of poor helping large firm CORPORATION
Conservative, inflamed, violated rules CHEATED
Delighted, American introduced to remarkable dame AMUSED
Depressing experience without doubt, initially, for proprietor OWNER
Dish quietly departed PLATE
Drawing can put over a tropical fruit PLANTAIN
Foolish person, fan with nothing on BUFFOON
Formerly caught lying in shade like a mammoth? EXTINCT
Gather in the morning on a steamship AMASS
Heavy firepower, ominous positioned in middle of major road ARTILLERY
Household receptacle, brand new, bishop takes out LINENBASKET
Left hanging on one climbing astride branch INLIMBO
Located far away in Baltimore motel REMOTE
Clues Answers
Looked at central spot on high, taking in diameter EYEDUP
New cocktails I prepared the wrong way? ANTICLOCKWISE
Occupant let team inside RESIDENT
Once a warring Indian, perhaps OCEAN
Page with a notice in about procession PARADE
Really popular result INEFFECT
Religious man in party, very short about article DOMINICAN
Representative feeding domestic pet cheese CAMEMBERT
Second drink after work may cause rumour GOSSIP
Show diversion ENTERTAINMENT
Skirted musician bringing silver flute into empty bar BAGPIPER
Steal funds POCKET
Sylvester kicks shifty deceptive type SLYBOOTS
Team with groups taking time out for tea break? ELEVENSES
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