The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 9 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A hot rod driver RIVETER
Area of Israeli city ACRE
Bands of gold put on box by artists ORCHESTRAS
Board contest that calls for a series of counter-moves LUDO
Branch member LIMB
CIA and RAF in collusion? A film was made out of it AFRICA
Dialect around the Kremlin? CITADEL
Eastern agent gets notice ESPY
Ecstatic, heading off madly to make plans TACTICS
Exclude from French licensed premises DEBAR
Extravaganza composed to entertain WWI troops? ANZAC
Found and thrown out CAST
Genuine hard work — to the lions anyhow HONESTTOIL
Giving up work and going to bed RETIREMENT
Going home and staying in? HOUSEBOUND
Have some sense, charge learner FEEL
Clues Answers
I had to stand in line — it’s neater TIDIER
Infuriated when pact with police is broken APOPLECTIC
Keen to show hesitation about decline? EAGER
Listener gains two points and makes money EARNS
Long-running TV programme possibly needs a rest EASTENDERS
Made a claim that should be upheld MAINTAINED
One’s choice will get cross ELECTOR
One’s success may be in the balance ACROBAT
Paper required that’s first edition TISSUE
Perform in the theatre? OPERATE
Some at school may hoard tuck EATS
Step on it before the opening DOORMAT
Team endlessly receiving rising cheers gets lift ELEVATE
Temple altar, perhaps, inlaid with sort of nacre TABERNACLE
Undermine brat with look IMPAIR
Vagrant joins fireside circle HOBO
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