Rock and Roll – October 8 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” band (abbr.) DBS
“Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” ___ Leppard DEF
“Cast of Thousands” Brits ELBOW
“Crush” Jennifer PAIGE
“Here’s Where the Story ___” Sundays ENDS
“Love Is a House” Force ___ MDS
“Say (All I ___)” OneRepublic NEED
“See You in Hell” ___ Reaper GRIM
“When I Need You” Leo SAYER
“Yellow Brick” and “Copperhead” ROADS
“___ Teen USA” Best Kissers in the World MISS
“___ Your Heart” OPEN
’00 Cold album “13 Ways to Bleed on ___” STAGE
’03 King’s X album BLACKLIKESUNDAY
’04 Clapton album “___ Mr. Johnson” MEAND
’06 Three Days Grace album ONEX
’08 Primal Scream album about good things coming? BEAUTIFULFUTURE
’80s “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” Samantha FOX
’80s hit “___ Kommissar” DER
Ace Frehley drummer Fig ANTON
Aerosmith’s Whitford BRAD
Akon “Sorry, Blame ___ Me” ITON
Beatles “Penny ___” LANE
Blink-182 “___ of the State” ENEMA
Business sit-downs MEETINGS
Coldplay album “A Rush of Blood ___ Head” TOTHE
Cranberries “___ to My Family” ODE
Crooner Jackie OPEL
Dave Matthews Band “Under the ___ and Dreaming” TABLE
Drink served at concession stand SODA
Drops off the charts EBBS
Elle King “___ and Oh’s” EXS
English lyricist Sir ___ Rice TIM
Enigma “___ (Part I)” SADENESS
Exclamation when asked to go to a show IMIN
George Harrison “Isn’t It ___” APITY
Global label SONY
Grant Lee Buffalo “Even the ___” OXEN
Happens when band leaves after a couple songs UPROAR
Clues Answers
Huey Lewis “___ to Be Square” HIP
Iconic soul singer Franklin ARETHA
It’s “White,” to The Bronx TAR
Jazz singer James ETTA
Jazzy Ritenour LEE
Jennifer Love Hewitt “Can I ___” GONOW
Jim Messina band POCO
John Cougar “Nothin’ Matters and What If ___” ITDID
Keane hit “Somewhere Only ___” WEKNOW
Like sharp guitar student ASTUTE
Madonna “Girl ___ Wild” GONE
Mick Jagger or Pete Townshend, for short BRIT
Music industry powers that be INS
Naked Radiohead song? NUDE
Norwegian popster Maria MENA
Oasis “D’You Know What ___” IMEAN
Oasis “Don’t Believe the Truth” single LYLA
Paul McCartney “___ Upon a Long Ago” ONCE
Pet Shop Boys “West ___ Girls” END
Pink Floyd “The ___ Song” NILE
Radiohead song “___ Sleep” GOTO
Ramones “Too Tough ___” TODIE
Shannon Hoon band Blind ___ MELON
Signs, as a contract INKS
Singer Lovato DEMI
Skid Row “Makin’ ___” AMESS
Stereo option for bad song MUTE
Steve Winwood “While You ___ Chance” SEEA
Stones “___ Wild” IGO
Successful Christian rockers PETRA
Synthpoppers Art of ___ NOISE
Takes former member to court SUES
Talking Heads singer David BYRNE
The Who “Hope I die before I get ___” OLD
Tina Turner “We Don’t ___ (Thunderdome)” NEEDANOTHERHERO
What 2nd axeman will do to singing guitarist ASSIST
What fanatic did from audience STARED
What Pete Townshend’s hand did after windmill move ACHED
___ Zeppelin LED
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