Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – October 8 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘– homo!’ ECCE
‘– way to go!’ ATTA
‘And fast!’ ASAP
‘Aye aye,’ in Iberia SISI
‘Close call!’ WHEW
‘Eso –‘ (Paul Anka hit) BESO
‘I came,’ to Caesar VENI
‘It Takes a Thief’ rapper COOLIO
‘Knocked Up’ director Judd APATOW
‘Porgy and –‘ BESS
‘That’s a new — me!’ ONEON
‘Yuck!’ EEW
— -Lorraine, France ALSACE
— -Magnon CRO
— Sea (Asian lake) ARAL
Abbr. in a personal ad ISO
Adz relatives AXES
Apt. divisions RMS
Arch above the eye BROW
Asian holiday TET
Augustus — (‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ character) GLOOP
Bamboo unit SHOOT
Bejeweled headwear TIARA
Big name in razors ATRA
Boorish sort APE
Breach GAP
By means of VIA
Cassidy of old pop SHAUN
Celestial hunter ORION
Chesapeake Bay crustaceans BLUECRABS
Chicago’s — Emanuel RAHM
Coal miners PITMEN
Coats with element #30 ZINCS
Collection of maps ATLAS
Cosa — (Mafia affiliate) NOSTRA
Court units SETS
Crunches tone them ABS
Crystal of country GAYLE
Display fallibility ERR
Do the dishes? CATER
Driving req LIC
Elephant tusk stuff IVORY
Elisabeth of ‘CSI’ SHUE
End of the riddle STOPPINGTHEPUCK
Event with pig racing, perhaps STATEFAIR
Ex-Dodger Hershiser OREL
Eye, to a bard ORB
Faint from surprise, in slang PLOTZ
Flatten, informally SMUSH
Follower of chi PSI
Fully extended, as arms OUTSPREAD
Funeral heap PYRE
Give voice to UTTER
Gives the most votes ELECTS
Glass bit SHARD
Got 100% on, as a test ACED
Got to one’s feet STOOD
Hamster holder CAGE
Hat material FELT
Have an onstage role ACT
Here-there link NOR
Hit the bottle TOPE
Holmes or Couric KATIE
Horse coat pattern ROAN
How actors should enter ONCUE
Hushed head-turner PSST
I-5, e.g RTE
Increase in volume LOUDEN
Insolvent NEEDY
Clues Answers
Island near Java BALI
Island of Alaska ATTU
Ivanjica inhabitant SERB
JVC or Hitachi rival RCA
Large grotto CAVERN
Large public show EXPO
Largest city in Norway OSLO
Lens locale EYE
Like exercise that gets the heart going AEROBIC
Like history PAST
Long (for) ACHE
Lowly chess pieces PAWNS
Nastase of the court ILIE
Nation north of Mex USA
NFLer of San Fran NINER
Occasional Golden Arches sandwich MCRIB
Omani money RIAL
One doing a parody SPOOFER
One may cry ‘Foul!’ REF
One of the Skywalkers ANAKIN
Ordinary USUAL
Painter Matisse HENRI
Paradox ENIGMA
Party mixers SODAS
Pastry bag filler ICING
Pioneered LED
Pokes a hole in STABS
Preceder of ‘Bless you!’ ACHOO
Preceder of chi PHI
Procession of cars MOTORCADE
Puts new parts on, in a way RETROFITS
Relating to a heart part ATRIAL
Relative of -ess ETTE
Rink legend Bobby ORR
Saudi and Iraqi ARABS
Scheme: Abbr SYS
Semitic language ARAMAIC
Shop draw SALE
Short history BIO
Six-sided state UTAH
Skilled forger SMITH
Sleep: Prefix HYPNO
Smelting refuse SLAG
Something not to be missed AMUST
Spartan serf HELOT
St. Paul site MINNESOTA
Start of a pirate chant YOHO
Start of a riddle WHATPHRASECOULD
Stitch (up) SEW
Succinct TERSE
Succinct and meaningful PITHY
Swiffer product MOP
That lass SHE
Tiki or Baal IDOL
Toward a ship’s rear AFT
Trailers, e.g PROMOS
U.S. territory since 1898 GUAM
Up until that time THITHERTO
Very angry IRATE
Victorious ONTOP
Viola’s kin CELLO
Witch on ‘Bewitched’ ENDORA
With speed RAPIDLY
Works such as ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’ OPERETTAS
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