The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 6 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Article penned by a foreign Socialist is not perused UNREAD
Author with obstacle, not finishing BARRIE
Bill coming up — what is charged is something fanciful CAPRICE
Black bird rolls over in this bundle WAD
Blissful place in the avenue HEAVEN
Blunders made by English bishop at back of basilica ERRATA
Carpet material by edge and at the back REPRIMAND
Composer in Swiss city with beer mug BERNSTEIN
Criticise a revolutionary for grand manner PANACHE
Declaim as English Conservative joining in ceremony RECITE
Drink repeatedly being knocked over leads to grumble MURMUR
Edmund falling over in pit DEN
English partygoers? They get into the groove ENGRAVERS
Hunter’s drink — not the first CHASER
Irritability in an east Texas city ABILENE
Is husband getting on held in serious ignominy? DISHONOUR
Clues Answers
It may mean junk ends up as junk! SHIPWRECK
Leader of society wants fairness organised without any frills SANSSERIF
Lights by promontory shown in picture LANDSCAPE
Note put up: ‘We need this for cheese-making’ RENNET
One day rising to find dampness DEW
Quiet editor, worker who pays attention to good grammar? PEDANT
Rob and Pete dread being made to look silly DEPREDATE
Saint in ruin needing money MARTIN
See red and act violently, bringing 6 DESECRATE
Sign of approval in words regularly trotted out NOD
Someone having agents to sort out party mess SPYMASTER
Someone who sees what you can see OCULIST
Something not what it seems? This person’s about to get very cross MIRAGE
Terrible US baddies must be set free from wrong ideas DISABUSED
Veto is exercised in council SOVIET
With stress beginning to spread around, I had bad things happening ACCIDENTS
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