The Telegraph – Cryptic – October 5 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
… really kind of light VERY
Bad actor surmounts hindrance to get Shakespearean role HAMLET
Beer belly of a being consumed by drink PAUNCH
Boot that is put on properly WELLIE
Church service still new, with good following EVENSONG
Cold and damp and spacious, we hear … RHEUMY
Colour is fashionable till over INDIGO
Cutting edge round old empty cask causes closure BLOCKADE
Delay vessel taking on gallons LINGER
District’s hot south of foreign capital PARISH
Evident single guy embraces sweetheart after zero time NOTICEABLE
Hard drink, lifting elbow PUSH
Hope beam supports stern of ship PRAY
Hostility strangely against keeping on male ANTAGONISM
Clues Answers
Internet company’s ruin, accepting tick, oddly DOTCOM
It’s part of lover to need suggestion OVERTONE
Mature offspring adopting a child SEASONED
Move missing wingers in squad getting fit together DOVETAIL
Panic is appropriate being trapped in bog FRIGHTEN
Part inside tree’s heartwood initially PITH
Perhaps Game of Thrones Queen upset formula RECIPE
Pig, our man decides to eat pig GOURMAND
Shocks from power cuts without resistance OUTRAGES
Split pants are ruined, holding vulgar expression back SEPARATION
Strong man about to reverse squat HUNKER
The French experiment is most recent LATEST
This compiler’s strangely deep and slow IMPEDE
United get trained working out INTEGRATED
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