The Telegraph – Cryptic – September 22 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A drink for you and your companions in the vicinity AROUND
Army officer comes to old American city where people have settled COLONY
Author has dreamy eye movements, taken aback by little sparrow? MEREDITH
Bit of a lift SNATCH
British party-goer taking more risks? BRAVER
Buddhist school backed by old philosopher ZENO
Drug smuggled into meeting? That surprises me! REALLY
Embarrassed performer gets one to change script REDACTOR
Exposed, being removed from bed? DEBUNKED
Famous family producing two-thirds of pharmaceutical products MEDICI
Food parcel that a company wraps TACO
Front of cathedral has gold — pleasant architectural feature CORNICE
Group of stores is to retail electrical component RESISTOR
Grumble when evening service is cut short, penning article COMPLAIN
In Paris the first person with smart ridicule? JESTING
Modern message that is extracted from the Bible? TEXT
Clues Answers
Mum needing doctor when in Indian city MADRAS
One French city with soldiers leaving base IGNOBLE
One hiding in front building disappeared VANISHED
Petitions regarding hunts REQUESTS
Poor and holy, albeit dancing around PITIABLE
Powerfully persuasive wife just into ninth decade WEIGHTY
Products from sewers STITCHES
Republic’s old coin GUINEA
Resident giving muddled account about parking OCCUPANT
Sensual dipper’s bottom visible in waterway CARNAL
Settle comfortably in Swiss company NESTLE
Strengthen little dog after appearance of aggressive male beast? RAMPUP
This as PM begins to make changes AMENDS
To attract support is a problem DRAWBACK
Unopened Hungarian wine gets an endorsement OKAY
Warring groups maybe in loud battles FACTIONS
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