The Telegraph – Cryptic – September 21 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Absolute ‘catch’ allowed sweetheart to embrace male COMPLETE
Badger exterminator gutlessly follows nuisance PESTER
Beginning to seem bothered? SCARED
Duplicity of crooked senator TREASON
Emote too much giving account in public OVERACT
Feed rhinos digested, eating stripped cud NOURISH
Flag, out of lust and ardour STANDARD
Holidaymaker under canvas finally getting to frolic SCAMPER
Husband is persevering holding in spread DISPERSE
Incredibly remote object seen in space METEOR
It’s vital to check explosive fuse COHERE
Leaving former wife single can start to grate EXITING
Left endorsed again? RESIGNED
Most fervent following and support SINCEREST
Nice farewell? ADIEU
Clues Answers
One having punt improved BETTER
Pick up mischievous child on prowl IMPROVE
Postman’s endless list on round PATROL
Reputation bound to rise about small shopkeeper TRADESMAN
Revolting to-do in France about European Union CONFEDERATION
Run away from sound of insect FLEE
Speechless that trendy’s admitted to flash MINUTE
Style, say, wearing English cut ELEGANCE
Substitutes with obligations to secure record DEPUTIES
Sword wound around one hand, cut SCIMITAR
Terrible ham promises to change METAMORPHOSIS
Terribly winsome, excessively endearing, just for starters TWEE
This compiler’s practically impenetrable? Not true! MYTHIC
This dish is wrong, I will answer TORTILLA
Times oddly covering Queen titles TERMS
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