The Telegraph – Cryptic – September 20 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
… then, behind parts of hospital AFTERWARDS
Annoying a few, supporting church with no roof IRKSOME
Apparently where hands must work round the clock … (2,3,4,2,2) ONTHEFACEOFIT
Contracts speeded up arguments NARROWS
Criminal soon vilified by female’s spatial perception FIELDOFVISION
Donor’s complaint about new player BENEFACTOR
Evenly poached — ain’t much water OCEAN
Feel concern about victory appearing in court division CARVEUP
Frozen? It helps to cover top ZENITH
Furniture item requiring copper lead on a rod, possibly CUPBOARD
Go around with no end of paper for sketch SKIT
Harvest acres within valley GLEAN
Have a punt on other side BACK
He nicks your stuff if he’s taken amiss SNEAKTHIEF
Clues Answers
Heart, perhaps, is initially eager and direct ORGANISE
Income generated by engineers replacing start of tree-lined road REVENUE
Inflammatory European rationale EMOTIVE
Listen in rage, lost, crossing central London district EARWIG
Nobody let off Labour association OLDBOYNETWORK
Popular item of underwear intended, reportedly, for capital INVESTMENT
Quiet footballers in company providing breeding ground for schools FISHFARM
Responsibility, having advantage but losing the lead ONUS
Robin circulates around first-class capital NAIROBI
Ruin fun and stagger, showing force out of habit UNFROCK
Stick out rubbish hoarded by strait-laced type PROTRUDE
Successful run of king after life (metaphorically) in turbulent water WINNINGSTREAK
Summarised article pinched by hobo RANOVER
Type like this vacuous recruit SORT
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