The Telegraph – Cryptic – September 19 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Accept what chess player might do TAKEONBOARD
Boring article in French by Dane, possibly LEADEN
Citadel deployed specific form of language DIALECT
Clue: regularly pilfer small drinks TIPPLES
Cocktail dance, led by son today SNOWBALL
Colour making animal go mad MAGNOLIA
Company abandons helpful worker OPERATIVE
Continue exercise with runs getting tough PERSEVERE
Cut when working HEWN
Doctor bears arms — shame! EMBARRASS
Exploited sailor took drugs ABUSED
Fate that’s more peaceful, reportedly KARMA
Fawn is more natural when passing over fifty SIMPER
Fear mad admiral is impeding fleet ARMADA
House in Russia, definitely with a supporting church DACHA
Clues Answers
Last of bitumen or silt damaged air-intake NOSTRIL
Most important, as she is to Bolshevik? CENTRAL
On dress, perfume is evocative REMINISCENT
One holy with rage holds king to be outsider STRANGER
One that buzzes around picking stuff up following complaint BEEF
Opening’s curiously premature, losing millions APERTURE
Pub profits — selling these? BARGAINS
Put up with papers penned by president ABIDE
Queen succeeds by keeping posh and one’s stocking up BUYER
Self-determination, a service offered by generous solicitors? FREEWILL
Start to make trouble over space in sorting office MAILROOM
Tea in group of hotels? CHAIN
Tot at lights out in old-fashioned bed wear NIGHTCAP
Wet and bright? Not at first RAINY
Work too hard crossing river, right? OVEREXERT
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