Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – September 17 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
& others ETAL
‘– be great if …’ ITD
‘Benny & –‘ (Johnny Depp film) JOON
‘Certainly!’ YES
‘Der –‘ (Konrad Adenauer) ALTE
‘For shame!’ TUT
‘Mazel –!’ TOV
‘No, we’re not going to give the employee a raise’? LETSKEEPITTHATWAGE
‘Son of,’ in Arab names IBN
‘Stop grazing and return to your barn’? COMEINFROMTHERANGE
‘Why Can’t — Friends?’ WEBE
‘Woo-hoo!’ HURRAH
— -TURN (street sign) NOU
— Boothe Luce CLARE
— Dame NOTRE
— Mahal TAJ
— Spumante (wine) ASTI
— the scene (having recently arrived) NEWON
— v. Wade ROE
1040 org IRS
1567-1625 king of Scotland JAMESVI
Actor Claude AKINS
Actress Thurman UMA
Ad Council ad, for short PSA
Air safety org FAA
Archaic verb ending ETH
Artificial fat OLESTRA
Ascot, e.g TIE
Balsa boats RAFTS
Bar checks TABS
Be inclined LEAN
Become liberated GOFREE
Bedeck ADORN
Big — (WWI gun) BERTHA
British noble LADY
Burnett of CNN ERIN
Certain Slav SERB
City in Italia ROMA
Close NEAR
Concert tour during which a Muppet opens for the ‘Open Arms’ band? BERTANDJOURNEY
Countertenor ALTO
Cousin, for one: Abbr REL
Dada artist JEANARP
Debtor’s woe REPO
Deutsch article EIN
Develop CREATE
Different ELSE
DOJ agency FBI
Duffel or tote BAG
Dwelling place: Abbr RES
Enjoyed food ATE
Env. notation ATTN
Eponymous code creator MORSE
Fail to mention OMIT
Fair-hiring inits EEO
Fed. crash-probing org NTSB
Find by chance HITON
Flower plot GARDEN
Fragment PART
Frogs’ kin TOADS
Furry TV alien ALF
Gathers bit by bit GLEANS
Gold, to Spaniards ORO
Great riches OPULENCE
Group values ETHOS
Harem room ODA
I, to Franz ICH
Infuriation IRE
Inuit’s ride SLED
Kin of -trix ESS
Korean martial art TAEKWONDO
Lab medium AGAR
Ladder step RUNG
Clues Answers
Leeds lav LOO
Less certain IFFIER
Living thing BEING
Lofty verse ODE
Logical SOUND
Make furious ENRAGE
Manet’s forte ART
Maryland suburb of D.C BETHESDA
May hrs DST
Miser’s reformation into a generous person? THETURNOFTHESCROOGE
Mocking remarks from Pluto’s master? MICKEYMOUSEJEERS
Modifying wd ADJ
Mork’s home planet ORK
Motorist’s guide ROADMAP
Not given under 112-Down UNSWORN
Novelist Scott ODELL
Opposite NNW SSE
Opposite of 118-Across FAR
Painting on plaster FRESCO
Perfumed powder TALCUM
Peter out EBB
Place to find pearls OYSTERBED
Polly’s ‘Alice’ role FLO
Power tool brand SKIL
Present from birth INNATE
Prez Lincoln ABE
Property transferor ALIENOR
Put between INTERLAY
Quarter, e.g COIN
Quips about a Civil War general? SHERMANJOKES
R&B singer — James ETTA
Relatives of allegories PARABLES
Religious faction SECT
Ruin totally DOIN
Sahara-like DRY
Sailors’ saint ELMO
Santa — ANA
Schubert’s ‘The — King’ ERL
See 134-Across ALERT
Shade tree ELM
Singer Amos TORI
Some parents MAS
Sooner city ENID
Squirrel’s bit ACORN
Steel-gray metallic element COBALT
Stimpy’s pal REN
Sudden — DEATH
Suffix with north or west ERN
Tach reading RPM
Tap-in, e.g PUTT
Taste, e.g SENSE
Tent stake PEG
Tickles a lot ELATES
To — (precisely) ATEE
To a foreign country ABROAD
Totally fine AOK
Trounce BEAT
Upper heart chambers ATRIA
Use stitching SEW
Valises, e.g CASES
Verbal noun the nitwit uses a lot? AFOOLSGERUND
Very inexpensive part of a ship’s hull? FIFTYDOLLARBILGE
Very small toll to drive on a road through the Alps? MOUNTAINCHANGE
Wafer brand NILLA
Windows ad catchphrase IMAPC
Winter woe FLU
With 11-Down, ‘Don’t drop your guard!’ STAY
Without batting — ANEYE
Witness’ promise OATH
Yalies ELIS
Yuletide quaff NOG
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