The Washington Post – August 20 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
’50s pol Stevenson ADLAI
‘Cheese!’ consequence SMILE
‘I’m Dying Up Here’ airer, for short SHO
‘Just Do It’ logo SWOOSH
‘MASH’ milieu: Abbr KOR
‘Now I get it!’ AHSO
‘Science Guy’ Bill NYE
‘The King and I’ group HAREM
‘Water Music’ composer HANDEL
‘__ cloud in the sky, Got the sun in my eyes … ‘: Carpenters lyric NOTA
A.L. East squad TOR
Actor/stuntman Jackie CHAN
Admits, with ‘up’ OWNS
Airer of old MGM films TCM
Appearance MIEN
Approves OKS
Arizona desert SONORAN
Author Harte BRET
Baja bar CANTINA
Ball ORB
Ballpark figs ERAS
Bar opening? ISO
Biblical brother ESAU
Bit from a bottle NIP
Bit of criticism from Ravi Shankar? CLOSEBUTNOSITAR
Black or yellow pet LAB
Blubbers SOBS
Breaks RESTS
Britain’s Penny Black and Two Penny Blue STAMPS
Calendar abbr MON
Cascade components: Abbr MTS
Chinese tea CHA
Clashing ATWAR
Classic O’Brien 121-Across film DOA
Cold-weather wear PARKAS
Concerning kidneys RENAL
Contempt SCORN
Creamy French cheese CAMEMBERT
Cross SORE
Damascus denizen SYRIAN
Dark genre NOIR
Delivery on deliverance SERMON
Deprived (of) BEREFT
Discontinue STOP
Employs HIRES
End zone celebrations DANCES
Envisioned being SAWAS
Expert’s conclusion? ISE
Face on a fiver ABE
Finest TOP
Flamenco shout OLE
Force into ignominious retreat ROUT
Former Cubs slugger SOSA
Gambit RUSE
Genesis and Dreamcast SEGAS
Get more out of RECYCLE
Give out ISSUE
Glyceride, for one ESTER
Goes for the gold PLAYSTOWIN
Group once led by Meir and Rabin LABORPARTY
Harper Valley org PTA
Have faith in RELYUPON
Hi-hat for high society? STATUSCYMBAL
Hollywood faves IDOLS
Idle in sketches ERIC
In shape TONED
Instrument carved from the Tree of Knowledge? FORBIDDENFLUTE
Janus-inspired stringed instrument? TWOFACEDLYRE
Labyrinth site of myth CRETE
Laura of ‘Jurassic Park’ DERN
Clues Answers
Layer in ecclesiastical governance SYNOD
Legislate ENACT
Like certain gases NOBLE
Little, in Lille PEU
Mexican marinade ADOBO
Mideast nation: Abbr ISR
Model act POSE
Mr. T’s troop ATEAM
NBC skit show SNL
Not bottled ONTAP
Novelist Umberto ECO
One of the U.S.’s 435 REP
Ore refinery SMELTER
Outdoes TRUMPS
Pak of the LPGA SERI
Parisian parents MERES
PC dial-up upgrade DSL
PC options HPS
Percussionist’s answer to ‘When do you practice?’? INMYSNARETIME
Pkg. payment methods CODS
Places to get in shape GYMS
Planted pips SEEDS
Pocatello locale IDAHO
Polish, in a way EDIT
Popular tablet IPAD
Potential replacement sites HIPS
Quarter of a bushel PECK
Radii, e.g ARMBONES
Red coin? CENT
Red, yellow or white veggie ONION
Regional asset LOCALCOLOR
Require treatment, perhaps AIL
Safari sight LION
School interlude RECESS
SEC Network owner ESPN
Sharpness TANG
She, in Capri ESSA
Skin product enhancement ALOE
Some MIT grads ENGRS
Spiced rice PILAF
Spirit of Saint-Louis? ANGE
Starting blocks user RACER
Tariffed goods IMPORTS
Task for roadies? LOADTHEBASSES
Tatting fabric LACE
Tenth American president TYLER
Text ender? UAL
The Beavers of the Pac-12 OSU
The Willis in Chicago, for one TOWER
They have ideas INVENTORS
Thumb drive port USB
Tiny colony defender SOLDIER
Top note in a common triad SOL
Transient with a bindle HOBO
Used a dugout CANOED
Voting coalition BLOC
What Tubby brushes with? TUBATOOTHPASTE
When some late risers get started MIDMORNING
Wikipedia policy NOADS
Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan RACINE
World’s largest island country INDONESIA
Zhou __ ENLAI
[It’s gone!] POOF
__ City, Iraq SADR
__ compos mentis NON
__ Gay: WWII bomber ENOLA
__ gibbon: zoo animal LAR
__ nationaux: French tourist attractions PARCS
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