Universal – August 20 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clue Solution
It gets the brush-off LINT
Scent ODOR
“Tight” in some product names TITE
___ vehicle (do a hauler’s job) TOWA
Forgets to include OMITS
“Well, ___-di-dah” LAH
Donkey relative ASS
Fabric colorer VATDYE
Practice for a prize fight SPAR
It runs around a building LEDGE
Do a tire store service ALIGN
Like many barn roofs VANED
Not just upset ANGRY
Airport screening org. TSA
Collar, as a perp NAB
Asian cuisine THAI
Sing loudly and forcefully BELTOUT
Bygone Peruvian INCA
Many, many millennia EONS
Thing to do before you raise ANTE
Allow temporary use of LEND
Tool that punches holes AWL
Scottish head warmers TAMS
Bread type RYE
Bullets, briefly AMMO
Rise in the skies SOAR
Fish-eating eagle ERNE
Make over REDO
Prefix with “inflammatory” ANTI
Get-together for football players? HUDDLE
Staff assistants AIDES
Larynx ailment CROUP
Matisse or Rousseau HENRI
Singing John ELTON
S. ___ (Neb. neighbor) DAK
Calculating computer part? CPU
It was curtains for Polonius ARRAS
“Jolly old” saint NICK
___ of Capri ISLE
“… ___ the twain shall meet” NEER
Putter or driver CLUB
Juvenile newts EFTS
Run on at the mouth YAP
Put “X” in a box OPT
State-sponsored gambling game LOTTO
British bathrooms LAVS
Volcanic output LAVA
“Throw in the towel,” e.g. IDIOM
“Right now!” ASAP
Spirit or style ELAN
Be that as it may NOTWITHSTANDING
Some Halloween offerings TREATS
Did nothing SATBY
Flexible BENDY
Concept IDEA
Feature of a loaf of bread HEEL
Certain hospital unit NEONATAL
Chalkboard necessity ERASER
Finally loses one’s patience CANTWAITANYMORE
Saint who founded Scholasticism ANSELM
How some TV shows are available ONDEMAND
Fully closed, as a door SHUT
Popular cookie brand OREO
Was sore ACHED
Central New York city UTICA
Island west of Great Britain IRELAND
Late singer known for purple PRINCE
Continental cash EURO
Applaud CLAP
Alaska native ALEUT
Washing machine cycle SPIN
Retained KEPT
Some Bosnians SERBS
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