The Times – Specialist – Crossword Puzzle Answers August 20 2017

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Clues Answers
“We are now in the Me ____” (Tom Wolfe, writing in 1978) DECADE
1978 debut film of Jamie Lee Curtis HALLOWEEN
1986 Prince song covered by Art of Noise (with Tom Jones) in 1988 KISS
2006 film starring Jason Statham as Chev Chelios CRANK
2010 Muse single which references George Orwell’s 1984 RESISTANCE
A light and sweet bread roll BRIOCHE
A person who displays obsessional fears and anxiety NEUROTIC
A Spanish earthenware vessel, used to keep water cool alcarraza
A stew formerly eaten by sailors LOBSCOUSE
A straight downhill ski run SCHUSS
ABBA’s “farewell” song, actually recorded in 1977 Thank You for the Music
American word-based game show, first shown in 1964 JEOPARDY
An ant or, to Cornwall residents, a tourist EMMET
An excerpt from this Saint-Saëns tone poem was used as the theme tune for the detective series Jonathan Creek Danse Macabre
An original EastEnders character who had a long affair with Phil Mitchell Kathy Beale
Anglicised version of the Olympic motto ‘citius, altius, fortius’ Faster Higher Stronger
Bowed string instrument of medieval times REBEC
Current manager of Manchester City FC Pep Guardiola
Current teammate of Kevin Magnussen for the Haas F1 team Romain Grosjean
Dean ____, rugby union player who won 48 England caps RICHARDS
Doctrine of increasing the territory or influence of a country EXPANSIONISM
Farewell, from the Latin imperative meaning “be well” VALE
Film studio whose iconic fanfare was composed by Alfred Newman in 1933 Twentieth Century Fox
First pair of mouth parts in some insects MANDIBLES
French slang term for an English person ROSBIF
Greek deity who fathered the Muses, among others ZEUS
In medieval times, land granted in return for a vassal’s service FIEF
In Robert Rankin’s ____ Trilogy, two drunken middle-aged layabouts confront dark forces in West London BRENTFORD
Indian-born businessman and CEO of Vodafone, 2003-2008 Arun Sarin
Jamaican music style of the 1950s, a precursor to reggae SKA
Clues Answers
Jamaican religion centred on Haile Selassie RASTAFARI
Longstanding team captain on the comedy panel game 8 Out of 10 Cats Sean Lock
Major biological work by Charles Darwin On the Origin of Species
Male voice between tenor and bass BARITONE
Manufacturer of the P08 pistol widely used in the Second World War LUGER
Measuring device attached to an inverted spirits bottle OPTIC
Norwegian figure skater who became a Hollywood film star Sonja Henie
One who pleads causes in courts or, in the US, any lawyer ADVOCATE
Poet who wrote collections called (in English) the Art of Love and Cures of Love OVID
Producing or being a medium of light luminiferous
Reheated leftover food RECHAUFFE
Roger ____ has set crosswords for all five UK daily “quality” papers, and at age 85, still does so for three of them SQUIRES
Slang word for underwear TROLLEYS
Sport whose Formula 1 and 2 categories are governed by BriSCA stock-car racing
Sporting event won by Argentina for the first time in 2016 Davis Cup
Stannum is the Latin name for this metal TIN
Stronghold on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, first built by the Portuguese in 1588 Galle Fort
Surname shared by a French impressionist and a film director RENOIR
The affected West Country accent used by actors MUMMERSET
The edible non-meat parts of a carcase OFFAL
The first British music magazine to publish a singles chart NME
The Song of ____, a poem by Longfellow HIAWATHA
This country’s capital became Harare RHODESIA
To soak something, to extract its flavour or scent INFUSE
Town which hosts the Scottish Grand National AYR
Toy Story films cowgirl character, voiced by Joan Cusack JESSIE
US banking company, also a 1937 Western film Wells Fargo
Whoopi Goldberg played Laurel Ayres in this 1996 film The Associate
Winner of the Wimbledon women’s singles title in 1977 Virginia Wade
____ Magwitch is a leading character in Great Expectations ABEL
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