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Clue Solution
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Point a finger at RATON
Harry Potter pal RON
Opt (to) ELECT
Place for a lace SHOE
Sloping type, for short ITALS
A Trump son ERIC
Two-fisted MACHO
”On Golden Pond” Oscar winner HENRYFONDA
Golden Globe winner for ”Girls” LENADUNHAM
Examines, informally EYEBALLS
Actress Hedy LAMARR
APB responders COPS
Director Brooks MEL
Fries or slaw SIDE
Steakhouse menu phrase AUJUS
Linen fabric TOILE
Is a mixologist TENDSBAR
Easy task SNAP
Captain of the ”Golden Hind” FRANCISDRAKE
”Messenger” molecule RNA
__ Valley, CA SIMI
Charismatic glow AURA
Dirt-road grooves RUTS
Eighth of a gallon PINT
Wolfed down ATE
”The Golden Greek” magnate ARIONASSIS
Composer Erik SATIE
”Certainly!” YES
Has no ability to CANT
”Don’t play,” on a score TACET
Shed feathers MOLTED
Tightens, as a belt GIRDS
Stadium enclosures DOMES
First TV superstar BERLE
Pieces of the pie SHARES
Attach, as a button SEWON
Barn-dance seat, perhaps BALE
Cold War spy org. KGB
Fast-food servings COLAS
”GoldenEye” theme singer TINATURNER
Gymnast Mary __ Retton LOU
Theater installations ROWS
Lit. genre BIOG
Give a shout-out to NOTE
Skin designs, informally TATS
”Caught ya!” AHA
”The Golden Bear” golfer JACKNICKLAUS
Penny-__ (trifling) ANTE
Carefree capital of song GAYPAREE
Interest-free? VAPID
”Golden” king of myth MIDAS
Fail to mention OMIT
Rt.-hand person ASST
”That’s all __ wrote” SHE
Absorbs, with ”up” SOPS
Mammal around the Aleutians SEAOTTER
Author of detective fiction’s ”Golden Age” NGAIOMARSH
”The Golden Girls” star BETTYWHITE
Rainbow-shaped ARCED
Vacillate YOYO
Sharp in perception ACUTE
Artist Magritte RENE
Fliers in a skein GEESE
Itsy-bitsy WEE
Verboten things NONOS
Whom the Thunderbirds fly for: Abbr. USAF
Arthur __ Stadium (US Open venue) ASHE
Milk by-product WHEY
Solitary LONE
Belgrade native SERB
Tin soldier’s weapon RIFLE
Ring around a lagoon ATOLL
Brown shades TANS
No longer funny OLD
Code-breaking org. NSA
Can empathize RELATES
City near Brigham Young OREM
Dress designer Ricci NINA
Hard-kicking big bird EMU
Ren Faire weapons LANCES
Recording-studio effect ECHO
British gent CHAP
Male turkeys TOMS
Baby shower gift CARSEAT
What stuffing might be made from YAMS
Mixology lessons DRINKS
Actress Taylor LILI
O’Brien of TV talk CONAN
Here, to Herodotus HIC
’60s ex-president’s letterhead DDE
Analyze, as ore ASSAY
Tie the knot UNITE
”The Man With the Golden Flute” JAMESGALWAY
News-service initials UPI
Seer’s deck TAROT
Have confidence in TRUST
”The Man With the Golden Gun” actress BRITTEKLAND
Keaton Oscar role ANNIE
Appraised RATED
Electrical units FARADS
Rome attractions RUINS
Hangs on the line, say DRIES
Gloomy atmosphere PALL
Lots and lots ACRES
Georgia’s capital, slangily ATOWN
”American” territory SAMOA
Hound’s trail SCENT
More achy SORER
Noisy fights MELEES
S&L products IRAS
Lower oneself DEIGN
Swahili’s language group BANTU
Lean one SCRAG
Commotion HOOHA
Feed, as a furnace STOKE
Far-reaching BROAD
Must, so to speak GOTTA
Urban fleet BUSES
In the dark UNLIT
Metal in some solders BARIUM
Freezer fixture ICETRAY
Mai __ cocktail TAI
Toast topper JAM
Scott’s knight IVANHOE
Instance CASE
Potato-peeling GIs KPS
Small bouquets POSIES
Catty remark MEOW
Squabble SETTO
President after Grant HAYES
Progress slower SNAG
Fire-breathing boss OGRE
Rate of movement PACE
Forehead BROW
”__ sow, so shall . . .” ASYE
Bewilder STUN
Drive-__ window THRU
Reasons for overtime periods TIES
Europe’s tallest volcano ETNA
6 Down component REEF
”To a . . .” poem ODE
Embargo BAN
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