Mirror Quiz Crossword Answers August 20 2017

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Clue Solution
Movement made by an organism in response to light PHOTOKINESIS
Catherine —, 2003 and 2007 World Championships marathon gold medallist NDEREBA
Electronic digital computer developed by John Mauchly and J P Eckert during World War II ENIAC
Roy —, comedian-actor who played John Parry in 1990s BBC TV series Common as Muck HUDD
Largest of the four main islands of Japan HONSHU
Pam —, poet whose volumes include Thoughts of a Late-Night Knitter and Surgically Enhanced AYRES
Nativity oratorio by John Adams first performed in 2000 ELNINO
WBA Flyweight champion from 2000-03 ERIC
Caribbean dance in which participants pass under a bar while leaning backwards LIMBO
The —, 1997 film drama written, directed by and starring Robert Duvall APOSTLE
The —, 1911 Frances Hodgson Burnett novel featuring Misselthwaite Manor SECRETGARDEN
God of the sea and earthquakes in Greek mythology POSEIDON
US racehorse; 1996 Dubai World Cup winner CIGAR
Screen or wall decoration at the back of an altar REREDOS
Limestone mountain in central Switzerland between lakes Lucerne, Lauerz and Zug RIGI
Amilcare —, Italian composer of 1876 opera La Gioconda PONCHIELLI
Martine —, 2002 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical winner for My Fair Lady MCCUTCHEON
Alicya —, actress who played Denny Blood in ITV drama series Bad Girls EYO
Peter —, late singer-songwriter who recorded 1969 no 1 single Where Do You Go to (My Lovely)? SARSTEDT
1961 stage play by Max Frisch ANDORRA
Spicy Indian dish served in a wok-like pot BALTI
2010 action film starring Josh Brolin in the title role JONAH
Joe —, record producer portrayed by Con O’Neill in 2008 biopic Telstar MEEK
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