The Guardian – Speedy – August 19 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Mull of ——-, 1977 UK No1 for Wings KINTYRE
Arctic pack ice resident POLARBEAR
Cape Cod town: county town of Cornwall TRURO
Car accident, usually not too serious PRANG
Chamber ensemble, a Mendelssohn favourite OCTET
Connections; family KIN
Emblematic TYPICAL
Enforces one’s authority by coming down hard on CRACKSTHEWHIP
Folky Englishism for the badger BROCK
Green-coloured liqueur CREMEDEMENTHE
Irregular, not dependable ERRATIC
Clues Answers
Kicks someone when they’re down PUTSTHEBOOTIN
Laboratory tube PIPETTE
Make one’s dislike heard BOO
Pertaining to, or affecting, the liver or liverwort HEPATIC
Prepare to surf, perhaps? LOGON
Push off! HOPIT
Retaliation TITFORTAT
Send, as payment REMIT
Sexually precocious young woman NYMPHET
Sheer chance POTLUCK
Understanding EMPATHY
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