Wall Street Journal – August 19 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘Anybody willing?’ reply IAM
‘Bad’ cholesterol, briefly LDL
‘Capeesh?’ YOUDIG
‘Gosh!’ GEE
‘I finally solved it!’ EUREKA
‘Indeed!’ ITIS
‘Jeopardy!’ studio SONY
‘Pippi Longstocking’ writer Lindgren ASTRID
‘Zero Dark Thirty’ org CIA
1989 Top Ten hit for Neneh Cherry BUFFALOSTANCE
Acclimates ATTUNES
An arm or a leg LIMB
Antique shop caveat ASIS
Athletic achievement trademarked by Pat Riley THREEPEAT
Audiophile’s storage choice CDTOWER
Belittler ABASER
Big name in air conditioning TRANE
Big name in chips and pretzels UTZ
Board, as a trolley HOPON
Bobs and weaves HAIRDOS
Brutus’s being ESSE
Buy-ins ANTES
Cannabis chemical THC
Chaney of horror LON
Check for quarters RENT
Checked out creepily online GOOGLESTALKED
Cloudy white ALABASTER
Columbus’s home GENOA
Come up ARISE
Comedic Carol BURNETT
Copier paper size, for short LTR
Crumbly topping STREUSEL
Cultural NYC attraction MOMA
Did one’s part? ACTED
Disney’s childhood nickname? MINUTEWALT
Earth’s apex EVEREST
Eel, at the sushi bar UNAGI
Elton’s old record label MCA
Enter a pool, perhaps BET
Entered a pool, perhaps DOVE
Expressive endeavors ARTS
Famed first family of Argentina PERONS
Fill of une lagune EAU
Flora and fauna BIOTA
Former Cardinals manager Tony LARUSSA
Fried appetizer EGGROLL
Ft. Worth school TCU
Gear for Moroccan scientists? LABFEZES
Going it alone SOLOING
Gorsuch’s predecessor SCALIA
Grant foe LEE
Guinness bottle symbol HARP
Hangs around IDLES
Hopes that one will SEEKSTO
Hosp. hookups IVS
Hot state IRE
How the new couches at the Golden Arches feel? REALMCCOZY
Hundred-eyed monster of Greek myth ARGUS
Hypothesize SAY
Impression of a Hungarian composer by a James Bond star? CRAIGSLISZT
In a ridiculous manner INANELY
In ___ (chaotic) AMESS
Indiana’s find ARK
Iron product CREASE
JFK alternative LGA
Job on an undertaker’s schedule? LAYBONES
King Minos, e.g CRETAN
Kurt Waldheim succeeded him UTHANT
Latin ballroom dances CHACHAS
Like some towelettes MOIST
Clues Answers
Lunar uplands TERRAS
Lyme disease host DEERTICK
Many a perfume counter worker SALESLADY
Match components SETS
Multiple choice test options, often ABCD
Mythological nonet MUSES
Nabisco crackers at the bottom of the box? LASTRITZES
Naval destroyer, in slang TINCAN
Night call HOOT
Nile delta city ZAGAZIG
Operatic highlight ARIA
Org. concerned with collective bargaining NLRB
Ornate crowbars? GRANDPRIES
Orth of TV’s ‘Revolution’ ZAK
Otis of elevators ELISHA
Packaging fig NETWT
Parks in front of a bus? ROSA
Partner of ifs and ands BUTS
Party often seated at the bar ONE
Patriots’ Day mo APR
Perry’s creator ERLE
Phoenix flora CACTI
Photo developing compound AMIDOL
Pitchfork-shaped letters PSIS
Plot workers CABAL
Porch swing locale VERANDA
Powerful politico in imperial Russia? CZARMAKER
Prickly shrub BRIER
Purview AMBIT
Quaint stopover INN
Race with gates SLALOM
Reggae singer Kamoze INI
Saucer occupants CUPS
Short stops? STNS
Sight of a big fall EDEN
Site of the Wat Phu temple LAOS
Skip a vowel or two ELIDE
Small inheritance? GENE
Sock end TOE
Somewhat firm ALDENTE
Sommelier’s stop CORK
South African prime minister Jan SMUTS
Spoonbill’s cousin IBIS
Street sign abbr AVE
Stud’s spot EAR
Take a wrecking ball to RAZE
Teen travel safety org SADD
Texter’s ‘Hilarious!’ ROFL
Theme park thrills RIDES
Toddler’s wardrobe PLAYSUITS
Toxin derived from castor beans RICIN
Tried to steal RAN
U.S. flyers in WWII AAF
Undergoing testing INBETA
Up-in-the-air est ETD
Verdi’s ‘___ tu’ ERI
Very bad things EVILS
Walk all over USE
Wall St. event IPO
Warden’s excuse for staying at work? IMFREEING
What a coulrophobe might do at the circus? BOOTHECLOWN
What Dramamine treats NAUSEA
Where to view Munch’s ‘The Scream’ OSLO
Whiskey choices RYES
Wolfish sort ROUE
Wood for some electric guitars REDASH
Words with angle or impasse ATAN
___ differ (object) BEGTO
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