USA Today – August 19 2017 Saturday Crossword Answers

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Clue Solution
Cabbage purchase HEAD
Queen of ___ (visitor to King Solomon) SHEBA
It’s 1 for a 90-degree angle SINE
Trucker’s toll unit AXLE
Quitter’s throw-in TOWEL
Privy to INON
Attire in Jane Fonda workout videos LEGWARMERS
Blyton of kid-lit ENID
Cuprite, to copper ORE
Michelle of the LPGA WIE
Vermin-catching cats MOUSERS
Barely run along? STREAK
Poker legend Ungar STU
Noisy, self-recriminating sort BREASTBEATER
Prefight psych job STARE
Like a 1943 copper penny, vis-a-vis a steel one RARER
Word after alpha or beta RAY
Hawaiian root crop TARO
Italian fashion center MILAN
Decorate with interlocking stones, say PAVE
Get off the fence ACT
Hiccup, e.g. SPASM
Verne who created Phileas Fogg JULES
Hilarious joke THIGHSLAPPER
Snooker stick CUE
Brokerage firm with “talking baby” ads ETRADE
President after Lincoln JOHNSON
Thirty-two chess pieces SET
Pro-Second Amendment org. NRA
Name in romance novels AVON
Aerial daredevil of old WINGWALKER
Ship’s trail WAKE
Chosen few ELITE
Arkin of “Argo” ALAN
Vehicle on runners SLED
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Tiara inlays GEMS
Items in Los Angeles Angels logos HALOS
Use, as influence EXERT
Horatio who wrote “Tattered Tom” ALGER
Drops on the grass DEW
X, to a kegler STRIKE
Homophone of “yew” EWE
Earthen embankment BERM
“And . . .” ALSO
South-of-the-border snooze SIESTA
Running, but going nowhere INNEUTRAL
Pinot ___ (red wine) NOIR
Partner of odds ENDS
In the loop AWARE
Password creator USER
River fed by the Aragon EBRO
Typeface resembling Helvetica ARIAL
Burrito topper SALSA
Chaplin persona TRAMP
Stein of Comedy Central BEN
Roof overhang EAVE
Bakery or bar choices RYES
Elias Sports Bureau tidbit STAT
Gauge with a red line, for short TACH
Thistle with a tasty heart ARTICHOKE
U.K. legislators MPS
Sound of a tuned engine PURR
The Beatles’ “___ a Woman” SHES
Volkswagen compact JETTA
Revved, as an engine GUNNED
Reese of Ebbets Field fame PEEWEE
Place to wear a monitor ANKLE
REM sleep event DREAM
Is deserving of EARNS
___ of Life (rescue device) JAWS
Ford logo shape OVAL
Was in the hole OWED
River of Aswan NILE
Bilko and Snorkel (Abbr.) SGTS
“Delta of Venus” author NIN
Online gaming annoyance LAG
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