Universal – August 19 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clue Solution
Utilizes a tuffet SITS
Weapon used in the wild CLAW
Honest’s Jessica ALBA
Gooey sandwiches MELTS
Synopsis PRECIS
U.K. flying group RAF
Natives of Peru INCAS
Command given at many corners STOP
30-Across researcher Alfred KINSEY
Fruity quaff ADE
Veranda, in Hilo LANAI
Fastball stoppers MITTS
Any valuable holding ASSET
“Goodness gracious!” kin OHDEAR
Type of bowling TENPIN
Justification EXCUSE
Building projection LEDGE
Prefix with “paper” NEWS
Diva’s rendition ARIA
Shower alternative BATH
Like many swinging doors HINGED
Where some cabins are SHIPS
“Wheel of Fortune” request ANI
Touchdown data ETAS
Indian wrap SARI
Recipe abbr. TBSP
Drug addict ABUSER
“___ Knowledge” (Nicholson movie) CARNAL
Earthenware jars CROCKS
Scheduled ONTAP
Singing legend Ross DIANA
Joint to poke with ELBOW
Noted English racetrack ASCOT
Like a perfectly pitched game NOHIT
Swanky party GALA
Peaceful creature DOVE
One not to be believed LIAR
Language of Scotland ERSE
Spaces not as wide as ems ENS
Spider-Man creator LEE
Little rascal SCAMP
Danger RISK
Word often with “mater” ALMA
More sick ILLER
Detractor ANTI
Speaker’s platform DAIS
What a literate busboy clears? TABLEOFCONTENTS
Fabric patch SWATCH
Church section APSE
Dug in ATE
Things taken at sporting events? SIDES
Not wait to be drafted ENLIST
Get the drop on NAB
Survey box, sometimes SEX
Hollywood buildup? HYPE
Important periods of history ERAS
Exotic berry used in some drinks ACAI
Clarifying phrase IDEST
How a marathoner leaves a bar? WITHARUNNINGTAB
Indian sir SAHIB
Indicator SIGN
Listening devices EARS
Brownish purple PUCE
“And so on” abbr. ETC
Opposite of guzzle SIP
West Texas city ODESSA
Beautifully accessorize ADORN
Bubkes or zilch NIL
Work units, in physics ERGS
Pasta piece NOODLE
Who a saintly secretary listens to when filing? TABERNACLECHOIR
Soon, once ANON
Cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Pueblo Indian structures KIVAS
Furry feet PAWS
Behind schedule LATE
Metric area measure STERE
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