L.A. Times Daily – August 19 2017 Saturday Crossword Answers

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Clue Solution
Bass-baritone role in an 1885 Savoy Theatre premiere MIKADO
King Features Syndicate parent HEARST
Brown world? ACADEME
“I have a bad feeling about this” OHDEAR
Strike a chord RESONATE
There’s one right in front of you PUZZLE
MSN, for one ISP
Wore with jaunty confidence ROCKED
Scuttle NIX
Most of a pool cue SHAFT
11, at times: Abbr. NOV
Cooked DONE
Vital vessels AORTAS
W-9 filers NEWHIRES
Look for business? WORKCLOTHES
Panasonic flat-screen VIERA
Welsh herder CORGI
Peruse, as a catalog LOOKTHROUGH
Four-time WWE World Champion Brock __ LESNAR
Wharf QUAY
Dressy accessory TIE
Curling piece STONE
Audible pauses UMS
How cherries jubilee is served FLAMBE
Dungeons & Dragons bird ROC
Shout on arrival IMHERE
1984 Winter Olympics city SARAJEVO
Strongly suggest REEKOF
Alito and Thomas YALEMEN
Danny, vis-à-vis the “Bloodline” siblings ELDEST
Sharp weapons SABERS
Best Supporting Actress two years after Whoopi MARISA
Exhibition with blades ICESHOW
’90s loser to Deep Blue KASPAROV
Flap ADO
Forest digs DEN
“Rubáiyát” poet OMAR
Word before and after against HOPE
Israel’s Olmert EHUD
Sharp-edged tool ADZ
Nine Inch Nails founder Trent REZNOR
Natural history museum attractions, briefly TREXES
School with trimesters called halves ETON
Cheap opening ECONO
Bellyache KVETCH
Kan. Army installation FTRILEY
Go up against TAKEON
Turn off and then some DISGUST
Cape Cod catch SCROD
Forensics ridge WHORL
Stallone roles, e.g. HEROES
Sitting Bull’s people LAKOTA
“Forget I said anything” IGNOREME
Downsizes TRIMS
German royal house, 1714-1901 HANOVER
Knight aide SQUIRE
Tied up LASHED
Scouting ops RECONS
Weird Al song that wonders, “Tell me why I bid on Shatner’s old toupee” EBAY
Picked dos FROS
Took off LEFT
Noteworthy times ERAS
Stretch (out) EKE
Like ALA
Politico with a father, brother and son named George JEB
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