The Telegraph – Quick – August 12 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Advertising leaflet FLIER
Body-building drug STEROID
Civil wrong TORT
Concluding part FINALE
Creature ANIMAL
Enthusiastic KEEN
Extension to building ANNEXE
Falling short of requirements INADEQUATE
Fishy; unlit SHADY
Impossible to subdue INDOMITABLE
Indistinct appearance BLUR
Information about events NEWS
Jealousy ENVY
Join together WELD
Clues Answers
Large antelope ELAND
Legendary creature YETI
Necessitate ENTAIL
Presumptuousness EFFRONTERY
Range of skills or songs REPERTOIRE
Salad vegetable LETTUCE
Secret rendezvous ASSIGNATION
Slightly open AJAR
Someone in love with themselves NARCISSIST
Stretch of work STINT
Stringed instrument LYRE
Town crier’s cry OYEZ
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