Rock and Roll – August 13 2017 Sunday Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
“Extraordinary Machine” Apple FIONA
“Girls Just Want to ___” HAVEFUN
“I won’t tell ’em your ___” Goo Goo Dolls NAME
“If You Could ___ My Mind” READ
“Smash the Control Machine” band OTEP
“The Soul Sessions” Stone JOSS
“What Keeps Me Loving You” band XYZ
“___ You Look Good on the Dancefloor” IBET
’01 Rob Zombie “Feel ___” SONUMB
’93 Harry Connick Jr. U.K. comp. “___ Now” FOREVERFOR
Bands buy new ones with huge hits HOMES
Bell ___ DeVoe BIV
Ben Folds Five “Whatever and Ever ___” AMEN
Beyonce “Check ___” ONIT
Bordeaux rockers Noir ___ Desir
British “Syro” artist APHEXTWIN
Britney “Radar (___ Club Mix)” TONAL
Citrusy Led Zep piece “The ___” LEMONSONG
Classic “Detroit Girls” rockers that love the night sky? STARZ
Coast Aerosmith is from EAST
Compensate wronged musician ATONE
Dan Auerbach garage band with “The” ARCS
Dickey of Allman Brothers Band BETTS
Drum phrase between different sections of a song FILL
Eagles have lunch in a “Sad” one CAFE
Eddie Vedder song about liftoff? RISE
Edwin McCain “Honor ___ Thieves” AMONG
Eno album “Small ___ on a Milk Sea” CRAFT
Festival attendee GOER
Funky Scots (abbr.) AWB
Geddy Lee “The Present ___” TENSE
Gin Blossoms “___ Song” CAJUN
Glam rockers Enuff Z’___ NUFF
Indie Brits ___ and the Whale NOAH
Insignificant deLillos album? MERE
Instrument in a wind quintet OBOE
J. Geils “Must of Got ___” LOST
Jimmy Buffett “You’re better off with ___” ADOG
Last Train single off “My Private Nation” GETTOME
Clues Answers
Like good band that hasn’t made it UNDERRATED
Like small, old-school radio TRANSISTOR
Lit “My ___ Worst Enemy” OWN
Lonestar “___ Day Goes By” NOTA
N.Y.C. “Can’t Wait One Minute More” punks CIV
Nerf Herder “___, Oh My” OHME
Office of famed Elvis/Nixon pic OVAL
Pedro the Lion “Suspect ___ the Scene” FLED
Peter Cetera “I am ___ who would fight for your honor” AMAN
Pixies “___ Weird” ISSHE
Public Image ___ LTD
Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh HOMME
Reel Big ___ FISH
Rival bands FOES
Rockpile’s Nick LOWE
Sarah McLachlan smash ADIA
Semisonic “And you ___ only for me” USEIT
Shaun of Black Grape RYDER
She smiled at Hall and Oates SARA
Simple Minds “Once Upon ___” ATIME
Ska band ___ Go Bowling LETS
Slipknot “All Hope Is Gone” hit SNUFF
Social D’s Mike NESS
Sophie B. Hawkins “___ Wish I Was Your Lover” DAMNI
Star turned their calling into this CAREER
t.A.T.u. might use a “White” one ROBE
Take ___ THAT
The Boomtown ___ RATS
Tight-knit band UNIT
To learn by oneself is to be this (hyph.) SELFTAUGHT
Tori Amos “Jamaica ___” INN
TV theme song that goes “I’m gonna learn how to fly!” FAME
Variety show REVUE
What execs throw for No. 1 band ABASH
What rockers leave for tour NESTS
What second place at battle of the bands does LOSES
You get some after grueling tour REST
___ & the Get Down Stay Down THAO
___ Def MOS
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