Mirror Classic Crossword Answers August 12 2017

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Clue Solution
Motor race RALLY
Plural of is ARE
Compose WRITE
Animal doctor VET
Beer ALE
Mimic APE
Spot SEE
Character NATURE
Constantly EVER
Conflicts WARS
Implore BEG
Body of water SEA
Vehicle CAR
Decay ROT
Set down PLACE
Amphitheatre ARENA
Noise DIN
Tree trunk CABER
Plant ovules SEEDS
Roof of the mouth PALATE
Verbal ORAL
Peaceful SERENE
Perspire SWEAT
Stream RIVER
Consumed ATE
Rents out LETS
Christmas YULE
Wallet PURSE
Listening organ EAR
Craft ART
Female sheep EWE
Contend VIE
Covered street ARCADE
Temptresses SIRENS
Flower ASTER
Spanish dishes TAPAS
Group of states BLOC
Seize GRAB
Corrosive liquid ACID
Mineral ORE
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