The Guardian – Speedy – Aug 12 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
—— and Bute, Scottish administrative district ARGYLL
—— Ironside, Saxon King of England, 1016 EDMUND
Italian composer of operas such as Norma (1831) BELLINI
Verdi chorus from Il Trovatore ANVIL
Andres ——- classical guitarist: Spanish city SEGOVIA
Asian capital BANGKOK
Bootleg; clandestine ILLICIT
Brass instrument without valves BUGLE
Collection of special techniques or methods BAGOFTRICKS
Dignified and sombre in manner: dry SOBER
Dim I be! (anag) IBIDEM
Fifth letter of the Greek alphabet EPSILON
French —— -Lorraine, was German 1872-1919 ALSACE
Clues Answers
Hand-warmer MITTEN
Idiotic INANE
Part of the Latin Mass CREDO
Pasta pockets RAVIOLI
Red-brown hair colouring AUBURN
Roll out, spread, an item, in order to catch the wind UNFURL
Russian country house DACHA
Showy trinket, c/f 21 BAUBLE
Small and delicately worked trinket, c/f 4 BIJOU
Something that’s desirable but not likely to happen PIEINTHESKY
Spite: toxin VENOM
Waterproof garment OILSKIN
Wet blanket KILLJOY
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