USA Today – August 12 2017 Saturday Crossword Answers

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Clue Solution
Effect of a love potion SPELL
Player in MLB’s first domed stadium ASTRO
Animation collectible CEL
What verbs and nouns should do AGREE
Consign to the junk heap SCRAP
Feel remorse over RUE
Home to clergymen PARISHHOUSE
Japanese PM who met with Trump ABE
Source of tallow SUET
Respectful denial NOSIR
Dressing room array LOCKERS
Closet eaters’ candy supplies, e.g. STASHES
Consecrate with oil ANOINT
“Publish or ___” (academic caveat) PERISH
Mathletes, stereotypically NERDS
Hang like a hummingbird HOVER
Letter inclusion (Abbr.) ENC
Preserves, as tomatoes CANS
Fax forerunner TELEX
Bend at a barre PLIE
High priest of Shiloh ELI
Mike Tyson or Tyson Fury BOXER
Did a track official’s job TIMED
Was googly-eyed STARED
Site of the first Olympics GREECE
Held together COHERED
Blew one’s own horn BOASTED
Earthy pigment OCHER
Patches, as a grass court SODS
Sport ___ (versatile vehicle) UTE
Woodwind with a misleading name ENGLISHHORN
Chained item in a bank, perhaps PEN
Grannies NANAS
Refrain consisting of vowels EIEIO
“The X-Files” characters, for short ETS
Nevil who wrote “On the Beach” SHUTE
Cape Cod catch SCROD
Maple tree yield SAP
Sports org. with a Tour PGA
Go awry ERR
Necklace of plumerias LEI
Drops off LESSENS
Mount St. Helens fallout ASHES
Glaswegian, e.g. SCOT
Play about Capote TRU
___ Tafari (Haile Selassie) RAS
Like alfresco dining OPENAIR
Test pilot’s headgear CRASHHELMET
Blake who composed “Charleston Rag” EUBIE
Dirty old men’s looks LEERS
On the disabled list HURT
WWII-era intelligence org. OSS
Knight’s weapon LANCE
Hoops great Shaq ONEAL
Some broiler chickens CORNISHHENS
Cut off, as ties SEVER
Fearsome dino TREX
Propelled, as a raft POLED
Put the whammy on HEXED
Barbara or Jenna, to Jeb Bush NIECE
Signed away CEDED
Went lickety-split TORE
Domino’s deliveries PIES
Sparsely vegetated expanses BARRENS
Destroys deliberately TRASHES
Letter-shaped plumbing fitting TEE
Pantheon denizens GODS
Sedan alternative COUPE
Eight-line part of a sonnet OCTET
State capital on the Oregon Trail BOISE
Adirondack chair part SLAT
Slangy turndown NAH
Bearded Serengeti beast GNU
Sot’s interjection HIC
Anthem contraction OER
2016 Olympics city, for short RIO
Silent assent NOD
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