Universal – July 16 2017 Monday Crossword Answers

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Clue Solution
Pina colada ingredient RUM
Relating to the ear OTIC
Speaker’s platform BEMA
Eye parts IRISES
Wall recess NICHE
Operations center BASE
Computer maker ACER
Unsullied CHASTE
Two-masted sailboat KETCH
“… and so on” ETCETERA
Chalklike mineral TALC
Bonkers way to run AMOK
Filming site SET
Song’s lead-in INTRO
Transpire HAPPEN
Couches SOFAS
As a whole INALL
Electric car brand TESLA
Yang’s complement YIN
Song of David PSALM
Wispy white clouds CIRRI
Show subservience, in a way KNEEL
Lunges with a knife STABS
Excessively garish art KITSCH
Longing to return to one’s family HOMESICK
Haunted-house scream BOO
Insider talk LINGO
Hilton of hotel fame CONRAD
Hateful ODIOUS
Muddy waters’ biggest fan? HIPPO
Chilling ONICE
Remove glass cleaner WIPE
Indian’s home ASIA
Blood and guts GORE
“___ the night before …” TWAS
They handle the hole job AWLS
California wine valley NAPA
One way to attach a button SEW
Verbal thumbs-down vote NAY
Member of the Dynamic Duo ROBIN
Support BACK
Useful bits of airport info ETAS
Word with “stomach,” “tooth” or “head” ACHE
Housebroken TAME
Imitate MIMIC
Plane assignment SEAT
Blood blockage CLOT
Guaranteed monetary unit CASHIERSCHECK
At least 12 hours from morn EEN
“All’s Well ___ Ends Well” THAT
Tests out a chair SITS
A or B, among personalities TYPE
Makes like a chicken PECKS
Beginning square? ONE
Cheryl, on “Charlie’s Angels” KRIS
Utilize an inkjet PRINT
Beverly Hills, for one FASHIONABLEAREA
Assign, as shares ALLOT
“Tender” cut of meat LOIN
Civil War soldier, briefly REB
Doesn’t just close a door SLAMS
“Follow me,” informally CMON
Olive and canola OILS
Repeated sound ECHO
Thor or Odin, in mythology GOD
Redmond native, e.g. WASHINGTONIAN
“Yes, yes!” in Spanish SISI
Stern’s opposite PROW
Council Bluffs native IOWAN
Grand-scale film EPIC
“Legal” attachment PARA
Mea ___ CULPA
Lacking strength WEAK
Poems of praise ODES
English class assignment ESSAY
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