Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – July 17 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
#1 hit for Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men ONESWEETDAY
#1 hit for the Osmonds ONEBADAPPLE
— Jima IWO
Amusement FUN
Antilles resort ARUBA
Benjamin of ‘Law & Order’ BRATT
Brewing pouches TEABAGS
Caesar, for one ROMAN
Cheering word BRAVO
Decade parts YEARS
Desk accessory STAPLER
Disco’s Summer DONNA
Docking spots PIERS
Feeding-time protector BIB
Flies high SOARS
Flow out EBB
Friendly señorita AMIGA
Goes 80 SPEEDS
Gorilla, for one APE
Home design DECOR
Hopi homes PUEBLOS
In the past AGO
Kilmer of ‘The Doors’ VAL
Like gymnasts AGILE
Made amends ATONED
Clues Answers
Manhunt target ESCAPEE
Mecca folks ARABS
Musical set in Argentina EVITA
Neither follower NOR
Newborns BABES
Not wild TAME
Open, as a pill bottle UNCAP
Plaything TOY
Poem of praise ODE
Pres. Day mo FEB
Pub pints ALES
Pull gently TUG
Puts on WEARS
Scoundrel ROGUE
Singer Ronstadt LINDA
Takes a break RESTS
Tampa Bay team RAYS
Title holder OWNER
Uncle Sam’s home AMERICA
Use block letters PRINT
Venomous snake ADDER
Wedding words IDO
Went too long RANOVER
Woodwind part REED
Writer Deighton LEN
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