Rock and Roll – July 16 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
“‘Cause we danced on the floor in the ___” MJ ROUND
“A Reverse Willie Horton” band, for short JSBX
“A to ___” Infernal THEB
“Drowning (Face Down)” Saving ___ ABEL
“Framing Armageddon” ___ Earth ICED
“High” Welsh band FEEDER
“Jesus Stole My Girlfriend” band Violent ___ SOHO
“Mr. Roboto” rockers STYX
“O Come ___ Faithful” ALLYE
“One Thing” Gravity ___ KILLS
“Pass It to ___” Soulja Boy ARAB
“Runaway” Shannon DEL
“Senor Blues” Mahal TAJ
“Shadows in the Moonlight” Canadian Murray ANNE
“Somewhere I lost connections, ran out of songs to play” CCR song LODI
“There She Goes” band, with “The” LAS
“These ___, are crying” The Guess Who EYES
“Under the Influences” Mike NESS
“___ Jones, we got a thing goin’ on” MEANDMRS
“___ Mess” Ed Sheeran IMA
’01 hit Rob Zombie “___ Numb” FEELSO
’03 Rob Zombie comp “Past, ___ Future” PRESENTAND
’04 Alanis Morissette album “___ Chaos” SOCALLED
’93 Nirvana album “In ___” UTERO
16-Across singer ENYA
Aimee Mann’s husband Michael PENN
Amphitheater ARENA
Anthrax “Return of the ___” KILLERAS
Ashford and Simpson hit SOLID
Attendees GOERS
Bassman Kinchla of Blues Traveler TAD
Beastie Boys “License to ___” ILL
Beaters frontman Billy VERA
Billy Idol “Rebel ___” YELL
Black cat-inspired L.A. metal band? OMEN
Christina Aguilera “___ to You” ITURN
Collective Soul “___ Allegations and Things Left Unsaid” HINTS
Cousin of a bassoon OBOE
Eric Clapton “I’m ___ Down” TORE
Clues Answers
Eric Clapton “___ Waiting” SHES
Everything but the Girl debut EDEN
Extremely energetic performer DYNAMO
Felder and Was DONS
Flaming Lips’ Wayne COYNE
Global genre? WORLDMUSIC
Grammy-winning Peter Gabriel video STEAM
Green Day “King for ___” ADAY
Improvises banter to crowd ADLIBS
Jethro ___ TULL
John Mayer “Say what you ___ to say” NEED
Jon Bon ___ JOVI
Kind of panels that might power a studio SOLAR
Libertines “What Became of the ___” LIKELYLADS
Lyrics can be this SYMBOLIC
Musicians’ needs, slang EARS
Natasha Bedingfield “___ Words” THESE
Nick of Diamond Head TART
Notations for guitarists (abbr.) TABS
Offspring “Just a sucker with no ___” SELFESTEEM
Pete Townshend “___ Blood” GIVE
Pitch indicator CLEF
Rob Zombie made a voice one, in “Guardians of the Galaxy” CAMEO
Short-run ticket sale release (abbr.) LTD
South African “Holy Weather” band ___ Twilight CIVIL
Steely Dan classic “___ Again” DOIT
Stones “Lord, ___ you, child” IMISS
Sugar “Hoover ___” DAM
Tenacious D “Double ___” TEAM
Three Souls in My Mind, aka El ___ TRI
Van Halen “___ Being” HUMANS
Village People “It’s fun to stay at the ___” YMCA
What crooked manager will do off top? SKIM
What death metal does SCARES
What Rob went after White Zombie SOLO
White Zombie “I make it look ___, that’s what I said” EASY
White Zombie “Soul-crusher, pulling closer like the blue steel ___ of hell” JAWS
Willie Nelson “Island in the ___” SEA
___-Lite DEEE
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