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Clue Solution
Flat-topped hill MESA
Top poker cards ACES
Being pulled from behind INTOW
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Start to melt THAW
River of Paris SEINE
Be nostalgic for MISS
Toon explorer DORA
Pained expression WINCE
Well-educated SCHOLARLY
Prodded, with ”on” EGGED
Lambs’ mothers EWES
Slangy refusal NAH
Vegetable plot GARDEN
Household rubbish GARBAGE
Light __ (seemingly weightless) ASAIR
Give a high-five to SLAP
”__ the other hand . . .” (alternatively) ORON
Glides on snow SKIS
Ejects, as lava SPEWS
Very funny person RIOT
Money in Mexico PESO
Durable hardwood TEAK
Bored by it all BLASE
Changed direction abruptly SWERVED
Old Faithful, for example GEYSER
Morning lawn moisture DEW
University sports org. NCAA
Honey-colored AMBER
At an unhurried pace LEISURELY
Gets closer to NEARS
Solemn pledge OATH
Region AREA
Furniture to dine on TABLE
Suit to __ (fit perfectly) ATEE
Flamingo color PINK
Remains STAYS
Signals ”OK” with one’s head NODS
Complete collections SETS
Female parents MOMS
Long, heroic story EPIC
Wide belt SASH
In addition ALSO
When roosters crow ATDAWN
Routine task CHORE
British noblemen EARLS
Swing to and fro SWAY
”That’s really the truth” ISWEAR
Helpful to those living close by NEIGHBORLY
Sound of a small bell TING
”__ upon a time . . .” ONCE
Unwanted plant WEED
Impolite look LEER
Short snoozes NAPS
Sounds of fright GASPS
Out of whack ASKEW
Salary increase RAISE
Stare (at) GAWK
Opera solos ARIAS
Honking bird GOOSE
Walk inside ENTER
Drove too fast SPED
Meadow LEA
Slow-cooker meal STEW
Boyfriend BEAU
Parts of poems VERSES
Deep cuts GASHES
Retro ”Cool!” NEATO
Quoted as a source CITED
Picnic pests ANTS
Veal or beef MEAT
”Ali __ and the 40 Thieves” BABA
Cash borrowed LOAN
Knocks sharply RAPS
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Pre-Easter period LENT
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