Irish Times (Simplex) – July 17 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Arriving at REACHING
Asian skiff SAMPAN
Augment, expand INCREASE
Based on logic RATIONAL
Bird, beast or fish CREATURE
Blunders, slips ERRORS
Bulbous vegetables ONIONS
Closer at hand NEARER
Construction workers BUILDERS
Continue in spite of difficulty PERSIST
Discuss through argument DEBATE
Extinct reptilian animal DINOSAUR
Female aristocrat PRINCESS
From which playing cards are dealt SHOE
Having a great fondness for one’s wife UXORIOUS
Highest point, tip APEX
Clues Answers
In this place HERE
Of the sub-continent INDIAN
One uses a bow and arrow ARCHER
Perceive sound HEAR
Percussion instrument played in pairs MARACA
Perpendicular VERTICAL
Prefer, lean towards FAVOUR
Receive what’s offered ACCEPT
Refuse, litter RUBBISH
Rodent with long bushy tail SQUIRREL
Sir, cheer up the fruits CHERRIES
Spanish painter born in Crete ELGRECO
Supervise, keep an eye on OVERSEE
Tomorrow for the Spanish MANANA
Workers’ organisations UNIONS
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