The Guardian – Quiptic – July 16 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Advice to addict? Don’t be absurd! COMEOFFIT
Become parched accompanying the Queen WITHER
Bring down holder containing only small letters LOWERCASE
Cry over author’s last words on dustjacket BLURB
Cunning plan headed by daddy’s boy PATRICK
Define flying insect verbally, as required IFNEEDBE
Drizzly stretch of demo is tiresome MOIST
European doesn’t have good smell REEK
Exclusive end for Pre-Raphaelite ELITE
Frantic editor clutching book went round and round ORBITED
Genuine CD lover condemned excess OVERINDULGENCE
Harass Afghan, say HOUND
Indication of approaching driver feeling a bit woozy? HEADLIGHT
Is one stopped by tragic king returning, coming from Jerusalem? ISRAELI
Clues Answers
Motion of Saturn to a space traveller ASTRONAUT
Name on item of underwear providing a firm hold NONSLIP
Naughtily bend a rule that can be withstood ENDURABLE
Overcook fish daily CHAR
Patriarch discovered during harvest embracing female FOUNDINGFATHER
Person giving official mark’s more outspoken FRANKER
Regularly treat an American disease TETANUS
Religious Education class gets record again RETYPE
Reputable watering place called to mind WELLTHOUGHTOF
Saucy adornment for Caesar, perhaps SALADDRESSING
Shoddiest mirror in trunk CHEAPEST
Source of berries on country walk? BRAMBLE
Take first place in Lord’s poll HEADCOUNT
Tax from workers’ group raised within clan TRIBUTE
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