The Guardian – Quick – Jul 16 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
8th letter of the alphabet AITCH
Add salt and pepper? SEASON
Ashes, perhaps? TREES
Authorisation SAYSO
Battery terminal CATHODE
By the briny SEASIDE
Counterbalance OFFSET
Earl Grey holder? TEACUP
Follower of a pre-Islamic religion — sea rep (anag) PARSEE
Indian protectorate in the southeast Himalayas BHUTAN
Indian stringed instrument SITAR
Liquorice flavouring, used in cookery ANISEED
Clues Answers
Nashville is its capital TENNESSEE
Pit used as shelter against enemy fire FOXHOLE
Position STANCE
Registration desk CHECKIN
Row of houses TERRACE
Small water course CREEK
Sordid SEAMY
Southend’s county ESSEX
Spear held by Neptune or Britannia TRIDENT
Spry — energetic AGILE
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