The Guardian – Cryptic – July 16 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
American small change being found in school is dodgy SUSPECT
Appear on stage again in a more entertaining way REENTER
Avail oneself of sheep, we hear USE
Clothes not a single woman will go out in TROUSSEAU
Continues to pay for the boy KEEPSON
Country with rain after winter’s half gone TERRAIN
Creature developing one horn RHINO
Cruel animal brush, it should be thrown out BRUTISH
Disclose what offers kept a reserve TAKETHEWRAPSOFF
Entrance for the colliery boss? PITHEAD
Exclamation partygoers may make WHOOPEE
Exploded with fury, where there’s commission to pay BROKERAGE
He often resorts to a piece in colour HABITUE
I can’t earn redress, as race won easily INACANTER
Improvident way to eat FROMHANDTOMOUTH
It may appear smart on the stern of a boat TRANSOM
Clues Answers
It’s one after another PURSUER
Jack found in church, we hear KNAVE
Language establishing an audible bond TAI
Love someone who left hot drink out THINKTHEWORLDOF
Passing through Turkish capital, changing trains TRANSIT
Puts off one’s retirement STAYSUP
Sailor died a dissolute man DRAKE
Say what you like, this right is not protected everywhere FREEDOMOFSPEECH
Setting for a confrontĀ­ation? SCENE
Singular mistake in Latin translation ERRATUM
Some of the musicians get the bird EMU
Some very early cereal RYE
Start to speak without a single drink ORIGINATE
Starts out and trips SETSOFF
Understanding French ENTENTE
Unusual portion of toasted cheese RAREBIT
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