Canadiana – Jul 17 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A non-metalic element CARBON
Anatomical passage VAS
Baseball’s Slaughter ENOS
Boy friend, in Beausejour BEAU
Bull ring cheer OLE
Canadian military org RCAF
Civil disorder RIOT
Crop or cud CRAW
Debt instrument NOTE
Drunkard SOT
Eastern std. time EST
Edible burrowing rodent PACA
Edmonton Eskimos receiver Maurice MANN
Electrical meas AMP
Embezzle STEAL
English rivulet AIT
Exoneration AMNESTY
Fraser River town YALE
Garlic, to Genevieve AIL
Got up AROSE
Greek letter following sigma TAU
Green, to Georgette VERT
Half a fly? TSE
Hand bag ETUI
Hawaiian goose NENE
High strung FINICAL
I have (condensed ) IVE
In the know, so to speak ONTO
Itin. item RTE
Late actor Montgomery ____ CLIFT
Legume PEA
Clues Answers
Male swine BOAR
Married MATED
More swift SPEEDIER
Ms Ruff REE
Ms Shropshire EWE
Neighbour of Mich ONT
No Clue ONE
No Clue FIB
No Clue INTI
No Clue FORA
No Clue RTE
Norse goddess ELLI
Onassis, familiarly ARI
Overweight OBESE
Part 1 of today’s quote THERE
Part 11 of today’s quote CAUSE
Part 2 of today’s quote NEVER
Part 3 of today’s quote HAS
Part 4 of today’s quote BEEN
Part 5 of today’s quote AWAROF
Part 7 of today’s quote ORIGIN
Part 8 of today’s quote NOR
Parts 6 and 10 of today’s quote CANADIAN
Pelvis part HIP
Percent, abbr PCT
Possesses OWNS
Refurbished REDONE
Slippery fish EELS
Songstress Turner TINA
____ mode ALA
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