Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – July 2 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘… old woman who lived in –‘ ASHOE
‘Am too!’ retort ARENOT
‘Carmina Burana’ composer Carl ORFF
‘I’m at your disposal’ USEME
‘Mazel –!’ TOV
‘Old man’ DAD
‘Silly’ birds GEESE
— Luthor LEX
— Moines DES
— Wayne (rapper) LIL
2006 action-fantasy film ERAGON
Aired anew RERAN
Ancient Greek physician GALEN
Anil or henna DYE
Associate of Stalin MOLOTOV
Aussie critter ROO
Based on logic, not fact APRIORI
Be quite revealing SAYALOT
Begins, as a task SETSTO
Big jewelry brand KAY
Big show featuring female horses? THEMAREEVENT
Blossom part PETAL
Boggy area FEN
Boston fish COD
Brought up REARED
Burkina — FASO
Cain’s eldest son ENOCH
Carpenter’s intent gaze? WOODSTARE
Central church areas NAVES
Certain sib SIS
Child of the ’60s or ’70s XER
Chimp, e.g APE
China’s Sun — -sen YAT
Class that’s become stylish again? RETROCOURSE
Clueless UNAWARE
Common Jesuit school name LOYOLA
Court hearings TRIALS
Craggy peak TOR
Daughter of Richard Nixon TRICIA
Detergent brand TIDE
Dips in pools SWIMS
Disentangle again, as hair RECOMB
Doe or sow SHE
Early 1960s atty. gen RFK
End result UPSHOT
Endorsed OKD
Extract via a borehole, as oil DRILLFOR
Famed escape artist HOUDINI
Felipe of baseball ALOU
Fermi of physics ENRICO
Fighter of Frazier ALI
Fillies’ feed OATS
Fillies’ feed HAY
Filly’s father SIRE
Film parts SCENES
First name among U.N. leaders DAG
Flub it up ERR
Flubs it up GOOFS
French Dada artist Jean ARP
Friendly AMIABLE
Full-size pickup model DODGERAM
Galaxy rival IPHONE
Garden shovel SPADE
Gobbling bird TURKEY
Golf club VIP PRO
Golfing peg TEE
Got the title WON
Gp. once led by Arafat PLO
Hailed ride TAXI
Hair fixative GEL
Clues Answers
Having eaten enough SATED
Highly toxic pollutant, for short PCB
Hockey great Gordie HOWE
Home of Italy EUROPE
Idling sort BUM
Jai — (court sport) ALAI
Kebab stick SKEWER
Kind of RATHER
Lay the blame on Mr. Flintstone? FAULTFRED
Life, in brief BIO
Lyons’ river RHONE
Make a goal SCORE
Martini liquor GIN
Metropolis in Ontario OTTAWA
More rash HASTIER
Most imminent NEAREST
Moved like a snake SLITHERED
Natives of Italy’s capital ROMANS
Net fabrics MESHES
Not in good health ILL
Not moving ATREST
Observers EYERS
Occur next ENSUE
Old flame EXLOVER
Old numbing compound ETHER
Old PC part CRT
Old Pontiac GTO
Ovine female EWE
Part of the conspiracy INONIT
PC-game ‘City’ dweller SIM
Pizzeria herb OREGANO
Pizzeria, e.g PARLOR
Planetary center’s top and bottom? TWOSIDESOFTHESAMECORE
Port of eastern Italy TRIESTE
Rd. with a number RTE
Rent- — ACAR
Reserve tire produced in Andalusia’s capital? SEVILLESPARE
Retirement payment PENSION
Sales agt REP
Scrutinize EXAMINE
See 44-Down SLOPE
Settings for circus acts BIGTOPS
Shout CRY
Simeon I of Bulgaria, e.g TSAR
Singing syllable TRA
Sioux City citizen IOWAN
Slight quarrel TIFF
Soul great Franklin ARETHA
Soundboard controls FADERS
Stritch of ’30 Rock’ ELAINE
Suffix with 50-Down or 84-Down NESS
Suffix with bureau CRAT
Sweetie HON
Theater districts RIALTOS
Throw lightly TOSS
Tijuana-to-Phoenix dir ENE
Time when those people are most available? THEIRFREESTHOUR
Tree knot KNAR
U.K. TV network BBC
Uncouth sort LOUT
Univ. dorm supervisors RAS
Very unusual breeds of house pets? RARECATSANDDOGS
Weed whacker HOE
What happens when a low-value playing card is microwaved? TREYBUBBLES
Where you live: Abbr RES
With 15-Across, inclined ONA
Yoo- — (drink brand) HOO
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