Wall Street Journal – June 19 2017 – Bargain Jargon

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t make ___ habit!’ ITA
‘Pronto!’ ASAP
‘The Raven’ writer POE
18, often OFAGE
2006 Winter Olympics host TORINO
Acted the informant RATTED
App image ICON
Bargain at the butcher? STEALONVEAL
Bargain at the fish market? DEALONEEL
Bargain at the patisserie? BREAKONCAKE
Bargain at the soda fountain? DROPONPOP
Bargain at the tavern? SALEONALE
Bargain at the teahouse? BUYONCHAI
Be for you? ARE
Beginner’s course INTRO
Beginning GETGO
Big name in skin care NIVEA
Brand with Good Grips gadgets OXO
Brick-carrying tool HOD
Bring to bear EXERT
Bumbling fellow OAF
Burns and Byron POETS
Capt.’s cockpit guess ETA
Carry-on item BAG
Cast album contents SONGS
Cathedral recesses APSES
Cherished aspiration DREAM
Clothing consumer WEARER
Cover for campers TENT
Dance club VIPs MCS
Des ___ MOINES
Do the wrong thing ERR
Dolphin tricks FLIPS
Element unit ATOM
Elsa’s abode ICEPALACE
Employ USE
Fashionably quaint RETRO
Field workers REFS
Clues Answers
Find water through divination DOWSE
Flaky? SNOWY
Furious IRATE
Headquartered BASED
Heat in the microwave ZAP
Homer’s bartender MOE
Hunter with a well-known belt ORION
In a way, informally SORTA
Insufficiently careful LAX
Liam Neeson movie franchise TAKEN
Life story BIO
Lingerie item BRA
Lure into wrongdoing ENTRAP
Luxury fashion house initials YSL
Matterhorn, for example ALP
Mermaid of the movies ARIEL
Mermaid’s home SEA
Music’s Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Neighbor of Bol. and Braz ARG
No-no for a judge BIAS
Novelist’s output PROSE
Period ERA
Price to play ANTE
Purr producer CAT
Rail-splitter’s tool AXE
Ready to roll? INGEAR
Recline atop LIEON
Rocks for refiners ORES
Shooter Shaq ONEAL
Silent permission NOD
Some restaurant kitchen work PREP
Speak like Cicero ORATE
Striped grazer ZEBRA
Taiwanese PC maker ACER
Temporary fixes STOPGAPS
Where Baldwin does Trump, briefly SNL
Work wk. start MON
___ Peak PIKES
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