The Guardian – Quiptic – June 18 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
… one returning to cold island in frozen water ICEBERG
23 wanting husband for countrywoman PEASANT
Carriage taking tea to free-for-all CHARIOT
Cheerleader squeezed by composer in charge of a drunken revelry BACCHIC
Clever sting? SMART
Cook finally given opportunities to sleep with men on board KNIGHTS
Couple with book about beast from the east TWOSOME
Creature shot by plucky woman? GAMEBIRD
Dupes have stolen criminal’s photo MUGSHOT
Endless talk about athletics event DISCUS
Made bespoke outfit for setter wearing tatty leotard TAILORED
Owlet’s last to emerge from egg found in part of old roof THATCH
Part of plant or insect found by bird … CORMORANT
Performing animal hosting ‘at home’ DOING
Physician’s advice is: ‘Do sort records out!’ DOCTORSORDERS
Clues Answers
Plant crowns of imported rhubarb in shrubbery IRIS
Polish sign found in specialist word books GLOSSARIES
Pray for elevation of rank on vessel WORSHIP
Relish old dance TANGO
Remote and wild place of worship in Paris NOTREDAME
Scot touring habitat listed to protect Buddhist’s ultimate source of fragrant smoke JOSSSTICK
Secretion from impure animal UREA
Sherpas now mandated to carry a cold individual SNOWMAN
Stick with excellent source of claret to get a good drink JAMAICARUM
Term for antipodean with a worrying issue AUSSIE
Trial of alternative way to give out cards ORDEAL
Two articles sit uneasily with non-believer ATHEIST
Unmarried ladies stress dancing round leg SPINSTERS
Water valves turned before engineer’s first flood SPATE
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