The Guardian – Cryptic – June 18 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
A drop in the ocean SPLASHDOWN
A fashionable career in conjuring INVOCATION
Agent changes last act around the 4th of July CATALYST
Bertha, if asked, provides port HAIFA
Body essence ENTITY
Child born before Lincoln BABE
Foolishly maintain Spain is without vitality INANIMATE
From there, one may see the point on church THENCE
Given time, a small work becomes a major one OPERA
Many times decimal OFTEN
Mistress Quickly’s husband may be fired PISTOL
Money raised by word of mouth BREAD
New cartels in the red? SCARLET
Nitre treated like nitrogen INERT
One of a group knocked down in an alley NINEPIN
One taking steps to make himself heard TAPDANCER
Particular mixture of ale and spice ESPECIAL
Clues Answers
Performer tires at appearing in Variety ARTISTE
Provided encircled commanding officer upset with meeting points FOCI
Scheme for church to contain prison outbreak CONSPIRE
Sign of nerves in a politician TIC
Silver wrapped up in note for old priests MAGI
Small bird and an enormous one TITAN
Standing order, rigidly obeyed ATTENTION
State of being guided upwards with knowledge DELAWARE
Stern breed REAR
Support drink that can’t be diluted in remote area BACKWATER
Tension disturbed rest on ship STRESS
Thought trainee perfect IDEAL
Top decoration for a woman TIARA
Two ways to learn languages, it’s rumoured HEARSAY
Unidentified girl accepts ring ANON
Wine that sparkles when it is reflected ASTI
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