Canadiana – June 19 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
Actress Winslet KATE
African language AKAN
Asian republic (abbr.) ROK
Barrister LAWYER
Bathe LAVE
Bobbin SPOOL
Burnaby’s Karl _____ ( of the Capitals ) ALZNER
Cheek SASS
Circle part ARC
Consume a newspaper READ
Customary USUAL
Diacritical mark ACUTE
Donkey ASS
Drainpipe SEWER
Drill again REBORE
Edible sorrel OCA
Entertain AMUSE
Fastener NAIL
Flips over UPSETS
Flushed, in a way ROSEATE
Foundation garment BRA
Geologic periods ERAS
Gets up RISES
Jump HOP
Lacrimose TEARY
Layers of rock STRATA
Legendary Indian king KANSA
Clues Answers
London’s Drew____ ( of the Los Angeles Kings) DOUGHTY
Markham’s Steven ____ (of the Lightning ) STAMKOS
Med. technology MRI
Metric unit METRE
Mississauga’s John ____ ( of the Islanders ) TAVARES
New Westminster’s Kyle____ ( of the Coyotes ) TURRIS
Nissan model MICRA
Nothing ZERO
Ones, in Wachhtendonk EINS
Organic compound ESTER
Outdated PASSE
Placed SET
Pot, in a way SESS
Prelude maker HONDA
Pygmalion author’s monogram GBS
Rotations REVS
Ruff’s mate REE
Russian despots TSARS
Sea eagles ERNES
Semite ARAB
Sudbury to Toronto dir ESE
Summer slakers SODAS
Top notch AONE
Vancouver’s Evander ____ ( of the Thrashers ) KANE
Word after Indian or Arctic OCEAN
Word before chair or after speak EASY
Zinger SHOT
____ Hari ( world famous spy ) MATA
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