Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – June 11 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘– Haw’ HEE
‘– that the truth!’ AINT
‘A Clockwork Orange’ novelist Anthony BURGESS
‘By the way,’ on memos FYI
‘Chi-Raq’ director Spike LEE
‘Horrors!’ OHNO
‘Jack & Jill’ actress Peet AMANDA
‘Jazz’ writer Morrison TONI
‘My word!’ EGADS
‘Rigoletto,’ for one OPERA
— bean (Old World plant) FAVA
— facto IPSO
— Lanka SRI
— polloi HOI
Actor Arnaz DESI
Actor Charlie SHEEN
Actor Stoltz of ‘Mask’ ERIC
Actress Page ELLEN
Advanced deg. for a designer MFA
Ames’ home IOWA
Apple debut of 1984 MACINTOSH
Arrange for SEETO
Battery terminal ANODE
Big chicken brand PERDUE
Binges JAGS
Bit of a tortilla treat NACHO
Bits of resistance OHMS
Bolsheviks’ theory LENINISM
Brit’s prefix for plane AERO
Certain baseball hit: Abbr DBL
Chevy now called the Sonic AVEO
China’s — En-lai CHOU
Cliff nests AERIES
Co. big shots CEOS
Comics dog ODIE
Deliberate choice ACTOFWILL
Dish with kidney beans CHILI
Doesn’t win LOSES
Dry out PARCH
Entertainer Falana LOLA
Eye liners? LASHES
Eye, kidney and heart ORGANS
Fight against RESIST
Filming sites SETS
Fish parts FINS
Fishing boat TRAWLER
Forced out of a country EXILED
Franklin of soul music ARETHA
Frothy pie topping concocted by a rodent? LEMMINGMERINGUE
G.P.’s study MED
Go well (with) MESH
Grade on a salary scale PAYLEVEL
Having one sharp, musically ING
Heaved THREW
Hiker’s aid MAP
How cliffs incline STEEPLY
Ideology CREDO
Idylls, e.g POEMS
Imitating sorts APERS
Informed AWARE
Infuriates INCENSES
Inn worker MAID
Iris locale UVEA
Just — once THIS
Language in Lahore URDU
Laotian, say ASIAN
Like the flu VIRAL
Low voice BASSO
Ltd. relative INC
Make blank ERASE
Malia Obama’s sis SASHA
Manning the quarterback ELI
Clues Answers
Massive fight WAR
Mayberry tyke OPIE
Middle name of Poe ALLAN
Mo. #4 APR
Move hastily HIE
Moviedom’s McGregor EWAN
Muslim ascetic: Var FAQIR
Nary a soul NOBODY
Navel type OUTIE
New, to Julio NUEVO
Not in secret OPENLY
Novelist Ayn RAND
Of the eyes OCULAR
Old veep Stevenson ADLAI
Outrage IRE
Part of CD DISC
Pec pic, say TAT
Peptic problem ULCER
Petty swindle GRIFT
Piaf of song EDITH
Poe bird RAVEN
Pullets, e.g HENS
Raggedy — ANN
Ranch ropes RIATAS
REM activity DREAM
Revelation of all the relevant facts about a rodent? VOLEDISCLOSURE
Rodent blurting out secrets? BLABBERMOUSE
Rodent causing prices to increase over time? RATOFINFLATION
Rodent who helps couples end spats? LOVERSSQUIRREL
Rodent who was a U.S. president? GOPHERCLEVELAND
Rodent who’s a pop star? JUSTINBEAVER
Rodent-themed hit for Peter, Paul and Mary? IFIHADAHAMSTER
Roomy auto SEDAN
Roseanne’s mom on ‘Roseanne’ BEV
Sch. in Manhattan NYU
See 84-Down PAL
Series with Agent 99 GETSMART
Serious rifts SCHISMS
Shooters’ gp NRA
Should the necessity arise IFNEEDBE
Shuffle or Mini IPOD
Silver of film RON
Silvery gray ASH
Special air AURA
Spelling of the screen TORI
Spheres AREAS
Squeezed (out) EKED
Stand for DENOTE
Start of an expiration notice USEBY
Stinging thing BEE
Stirred from sleep AWOKE
Suffix with auction EER
T. — (big dino) REX
Tall stories YARNS
That woman SHE
That woman HER
Throws in ADDS
TiVo is one, for short DVR
Trash-talk DIS
Tune for two DUET
Turned white PALED
TV and radio stations AIRERS
Untold millennia EON
Utterances of disgust UGHS
Very bad grade EFF
Visit briefly POPIN
Wet lowland FEN
White on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ VANNA
With 94-Down, female chum GAL
Young guys LADS
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