Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – June 4 2017 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘– a go’ ITS
‘– already said …’ ASI
‘– ed Euridice’ (Gluck opera) ORFEO
‘A Mighty Fortress — God’ ISOUR
‘Fingers crossed!’ HOPESO
‘Giant’ skiing events SLALOMS
‘Give that — cigar!’ MANA
‘Glinda of Oz’ author BAUM
‘Stormy Weather’ composer Harold ARLEN
‘Yeah, that’s the spot!’ AAH
‘Yoo- –!’ HOO
— de deux PAS
— Kan (old brand of dog food) KAL
— nova BOSSA
— Picchu (Inca site) MACHU
12, to Nero XII
Actress Ortiz ANA
Actress Pfeiffer DEDEE
Angler’s aids LURES
Appraises ASSESSES
Arthur Conan — DOYLE
Audi rival BMW
Award for excellence GOLDSTAR
Bar brew, in Berlin BIER
Basketball’s — Thomas ISIAH
Beckett’s ‘Waiting for –‘ GODOT
Bedevil NAGAT
Beguile ENAMOR
Big insurance company, for short PRU
Big NYSE event IPO
Boating tool OAR
Bro’s counterpart SIS
Buzzing (with) ASWARM
Catering hall receptacle URN
City on the Arkansas TULSA
Covered with brushwood Scrubby
Covered with frosting ICED
Craftsperson ARTISAN
Custard ingredient EGG
Dice, e.g CHOP
Eden dweller EVE
Extra details ANDS
Facet SIDE
Feedbox fill OATS
Feeling sick ILL
Female, e.g, SEX
Finking sort RAT
Fishel of ‘Boy Meets World’ DANIELLE
Fleur-de- — (royal emblem) LIS
Foot or shoe part INSTEP
Football’s Dawson LEN
Foreigner ALIEN
Gel in a lab AGAR
Gets better HEALS
Geyser stuff STEAM
Glancing rebound RICOCHET
Glove worn at first base MITT
Golf’s McIlroy RORY
Greek dawn goddess EOS
Has an itch YENS
Hosp. zones ERS
Infomercial host Popeil RON
Is leaked GETSOUT
Jewish round dance HORA
Journeyed TRAVELED
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor APU
Large meal FEAST
Laugh syllable HAR
Like some marshes REEDY
Lima-based flag carrier of 1973-99 AEROPERU
Clues Answers
Logging tools SAWS
Look at leeringly OGLE
Loudness: Abbr VOL
Maned beast LION
Military commander WARLORD
Milky and iridescent OPALINE
Moisture-removing additives DRIERS
Most needy POOREST
Mythical beast UNICORN
Name of Amazon Echo’s personal assistant ALEXA
Nephew of Abel ENOS
Nephew, e.g RELATIVE
Nile biter ASP
Non-piercing bit of jewelry EARCLIP
Of financial matters: Abbr FISC
Old Dodge models OMNIS
Orchestral introduction OVERTURE
Pokes fun at RIDES
Preminger of cinema OTTO
Raises REARS
Rare blood type, for short ONEG
Rejecting DENYING
Relaxed EASED
Riddle’s answer THESAXONFIVE
Riddle, part 4 SUPERTALENTED
Rte. parts STS
SAG- — (labor union) AFTRA
Screws up ERRS
Second-rate TWOBIT
See 61-Across CREDIT
Sells from a cart, say VENDS
Sharpening belts STROPS
Siberian dog HUSKY
Skye of the screen IONE
Slalom curve ESS
Slam into RAM
Smelted stuff IRONORE
Some gametes OVA
Spoken tests ORALS
Star bursts NOVAE
Start for cycle UNI
Start of a riddle WHICHMUSICAL
Still sleeping NOTUP
Stockpile STASH
Suffix with butyl ENE
Swamp birds EGRETS
Tart’s cousin PIE
Tesla rival EDISON
The Great Lakes’ — Locks SOO
Thereabouts ORSO
They’re uncertain IFS
Thin and graceful LITHE
Towed-away car, maybe REPO
University in Granville, Ohio DENISON
Uproar FUROR
Vain sort’s problem EGO
Very, to Verdi ASSAI
Villa d’– ESTE
Walk across a creek WADE
With 62-Across, student’s grade booster EXTRA
WNW’s reverse ESE
Woolen ball on a hat POMPON
Wren dens? NESTS
Younger Obama girl SASHA
Yucky stuff GOO
Zodiac sign before Virgo LEO
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