L.A. Times Daily – August 7 2016 Sunday Crossword Puzzle Answer

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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Solution – August 7 2016 Sunday

Clues Answers
“Aw, fudge!” DANG
“Gadzooks!” ZOUNDS
“Good __!” GRIEF
“I’m not afraid of __; I just don’t want to be there when it happens”: Woody Allen DEATH
“Jurassic Park” threat TREX
“La donna e mobile,” for one ARIA
“Ring Around the Rosie” word ASHES
“Snowy” wader EGRET
“Sorry, lad” NAE
“Stormy Weather” singer LENAHORNE
__ Lama DALAI
__ Soleil: 17th-/18th-century royal LEROI
__ Tin Tin RIN
41-Across, e.g. BREED
60s quartet adjective FAB
Act like a wold OGLE
Adversary FOE
Animal always without a home? PERMANENT WAIF
Apple’s apple, e.g. LOGO
Apres-ski option SPA
Arrived from above FLEWIN
Artist Mondrian PIET
Atkins no-no CARB
Avignon agreement OUI
Bacon in a parlor game KEVIN
Battery terminal ANODE
Benefit SAKE
Best Actress between Cher and Jessica JODIE
Biryani base RICE
Boston’s Liberty Tree was one ELM
Bravo preceder ALFA
Brother-and-sister biathlon training regimen? SIBLING RIFLERY
Brown, for one IVY
Bunny slope conveyance SKITOW
Business card abbr. TEL
Buster? NARC
Buyer that might cause a headache? BEAGLE
Cause of a municipal alert SMOG
Cause of playtime sadness? LOSING ONES NERF
Chased from the closet OUTED
Color like aqua TEAL
Complete ENTIRE
Completely INTOTO
Contradict BELIE
Crowded dorm symptom? A ROOM WITH A FEW
DeMille specialties EPICS
Detroit’s Joe __ Arena LOUIS
Disguised, briefly INCOG
Disparage SLUR
Driver’s aid TEE
Easy to use, in adspeak NO FUSS
Editor’s “Let it be” STET
Eldest Bennet daughter in “Pride and Prejudice” JANE
Elizabethan neckwear RUFF
Embellishment on Arabic calligraphy? ALIFGARNISH
Errant STRAY
Father __ Sarducci: “SNL” character GUIDO
Feature of ths clue TYPO
Firefly emanation GLOW
Francis of “What’s My Line?” ARLENE
Geeky sort NERD
Geishas’ sashes OBIS
Goes bad ROTS
Good for the heart and lungs AEROBIC
Gruesome LURID
Guadalajara gal pal AMIGA
H2SO4, e.g. ACID
Hairy Addams cousin ITT
Handcuffs MANACLES
Having a heck of a winning streak ON FIRE
Head of France? TETE
Him and her THEM
Holmes of “The Kennedys” KATIE
Humdrum routine GRIND
In a proper mannaer DULY
Information company co-founder Charles DOW
Israeli statesman Abba EBAN
It may be taken in the afternoon TEA
Jackson ejector ATM
Kansas-born playwright INGE
Kind of test TRUE FALSE
Kingdom REALM
Large ’90s-’00s SUV HUMMER
Last log entry? FINAL RECORD
Like __: probably AS NOT
Maintain AVER
Make a fool of STULTIFY
Meathead’s wife in ’70s TV GLORIA
Message RUB
Mucinex relative SUDAFED
Municipal tennis court? COMMUNITY SURFACE
Music rights gp. ASCAP
Neighbor of Leb. ISR
Nobel Peace Center home OSLO
Not odd at all EVEN
Old Roman name for Ireland SCOTIA
On Vine St., say INLA
One of the Allman Brothers GREGG
Online ref. since 2000 OED
Opposite of 83-Across DELE
Otherwise ELSE
Outdo TOP
Pastures MEADOWS
Place of honor DAIS
Place with a serpent problem EDEN
Potential benefit UPSIDE
Pound sound WOOF
Powerful campaign force SUPER PAC
Quadratic formula course ALGEBRA
Radiographer’s test CTSCANS
Rare state bird NENE
Really impress the critics SHINE
Regatta racer SCULL
Request at the poultry farm? ID LIKE TO BUY A FOWL
Rouen’s region NORMANDY
Rudely awaken ROUST
Scarpia’s killer, in a Puccini opera TOSCA
Scuba gear WETSUIT
Sections of the brain LOBES
Senator Bail Organa’s adopted daughter LEIA
Shoulder decoration EPAULET
Show one’s humanity ERR
Spaniard’s “L’chaim!” SALUD
Spy-fi villain in a Nehru jacket DR NO
Stepped TROD
Stink REEK
Strike zone? ALLEY
Taken over SEIZED
Temperance advocates DRYS
The “A” often seen in 49-Across AXIAL
Throat trouble? FROG
Transmit SEND
Vets-to-be GIS
Wedding cake layer TIER
Wood that sinks in water EBONY
Wood-damaging insect BORER
Written guffaw LOL
WWI French battle site ARGONNE
WWII cost-stabilizing agcy. OPA
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