The Sun – Coffee Time – Oct 05, 2015 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
Absolute ruler DESPOT
Abstaining TEETOTAL
Annoyance GALL
Apprehension DREAD
Besides ELSE
Capital of Cyprus NICOSIA
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Cereal by-product BRAN
Change a hairdo RESTYLE
Colour of envy GREEN
Cultivation TILLAGE
Curved shapes ARCS
Clues Answers
Declined REFUSED
Depressed SADDENED
Disfigure DEFACE
Dishonest trader HUSTLER
Distasteful, vulgar TACKY
Extreme fear TERROR
Impractical NOTON
Male duck DRAKE
Pasture FIELD
Sap-sucking bug APHID
Selfish morale boost EGOTRIP
Two fivers TENNER
Unbiased people NEUTRALS
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