The Sun – Cryptic – Sep 27, 2015 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
Average, thus doubled SOSO
Dance with a surprise ending TWIST
Embedded level inside trendy top INLAID
Eyelid had become inflamed, daughter conceded YIELDED
Feasible to be in police just this time FORONCE
First home, one with tail wagging INITIAL
Fish heading off, going astray ERRING
Former performance is precise EXACT
Go before having to surrender poker stake first ANTECEDE
Heartless sport is a gem RUBY
Instruct how to process trout TUTOR
It can be seen above South Kentucky SKY
Large deer seen in Selkirk ELK
Learnt to become more easy-going TOLERANT
Clues Answers
Lionesses moving, making no sound NOISELESS
Mixing the ingredients is stimulating STIRRING
Nasty rows about gold bring misery SORROW
Not one or the other in there, perhaps NEITHER
Ogled, I’d say EYED
Pays attention to musical sounds NOTES
Photographed attempt at goal SHOT
Racecourse appliance on the radio TOWCESTER
Remove bones or make it full, we hear? FILLET
Resolute woman, married social worker ADAMANT
Somehow redo text obtained with menaces EXTORTED
Substitute jam topped RESERVE
Trustworthy person’s building block BRICK
Wander off, but remain round river STRAY
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