The Sun – Coffee Time – Sep 24, 2015 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
Abdominal pain STOMACHACHE
Asian spaghetti NOODLES
Breathe INHALE
Business FIRM
Carpenter’s tool AWL
Chinese design philosophy FENGSHUI
Clothing retailer OUTFITTER
Convent member NUN
Country, capital Moscow RUSSIA
Dancing venue BALLROOM
Evaluation of unsold goods STOCKTAKING
Clues Answers
Faint-hearted COWARDLY
Floral emblem of Yorkshire WHITEROSE
Harmonic TONAL
Hit sharply SLAP
Hollow pipe TUBE
Infected SEPTIC
Joint in the leg KNEE
Moorland HEATH
Natural environment HABITAT
Sofia’s country BULGARIA
Three-legged stand TRIPOD
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