The Sun – Cryptic – Sep 18, 2015 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
A jib raised has another name ALIAS
A very quiet London borough is attractive APPEALING
Back Frenchman by river – first or second in OPENER
Brief movement cuts short brief moment TIC
Catch up to gold singer TENOR
Children break my falls, right! SMALLFRY
Costly term of affection DEAR
Cutter coming out of Walmer now LAWNMOWER
Describes town’s hidden award BESTOW
Endlessly push time as a warning PRESAGE
Eva wise to adjust marine panorama SEAVIEW
Fair play with no lemon? JUSTICE
Instant food after tea starts TRICE
It rises and falls with new diet TIDE
Clues Answers
Jewel seen in shop alcove OPAL
Like a flyer or a vehicle I’m in AVIAN
Liking piano, fill with wonder PENCHANT
Magistrate’s inner meaning GIST
Negative vote from Gina? Yes! NAY
Our town sadly no longer in fashion OUTWORN
Part of the skull of noisy animal, I suggest OCCIPUT
Physical damage among panel of twelve INJURY
Plans a side scuppered IDEAS
Revolutionary, opposing Ronald, gets stripe CHEVRON
Sailor found the answer and was set free ABSOLVED
Shout aloud, for I am trapped by shellfish PROCLAIM
Spin or agitatedly stir PRISON
Waste away – don’t expect colossal artichoke yields initially DECAY
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